Today is your day. Today is the one day of the year when you have the opportunity to put yourself first and everyone else second. This might be challenging for many of you because it is not our instinct to do this. We are wired to make sure others come before us. Our hearts are full when those closest to us are happy. Today, of all days, and going forward, I ask you to honor yourself. Repeat after me:

  1. I will invest myself. I will spend 10-15 minutes daily reading or listening to something that uplifts me and helps me better understand myself and helps me live a better, more fulfilling life.
  2. I will seek the truth and exception when my inner critic attacks. I will pause and analyze what that voice is telling me. Is it truth that I can learn and grow from? Or, is it noise that causes me to get down myself?
  3. I will minimize stress. I will set aside 30 minutes a day to be kind to my body and mind by letting the tensions and stress out using tactics such as meditation, healthy eating and exercise.
  4. I will take a couple of minutes in the AM and PM to appreciate myself. I will write down 3 things that I will appreciate myself for both for the little things and the things that I may take for granted and not just for reaching a big milestone.
  5. If I have a bad day I will take one small action to reframe it. If my day feels mediocre or a bit depressing, I will take one small step towards something positive to breathe new hope and optimism into my day and week.
  6. I will laugh every day. Period.
  7. I will simply remind myself of why it’s smart to be kind to myself. By knowing the reasons why it is smart to be kinder to yourself it, in my experience, it becomes easier and easier to take the time for it every day.

By reminding yourself of benefits such as more perseverance, higher self-esteem, more inner happiness and stillness, and more positive relationships with other people, it becomes easier to stay kind to yourself through life’s natural ups and downs.

Enjoy your day moms, you deserve every minute of peace and happiness today. 🙂


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