You’ve seen them posted all over social media. The “before” and “after” photos from people who decided to exercise regularly and eat healthier food.

Many things might cross your mind when you see these photos:

  1. Is that real or did he “photo-shop” himself in the after photo?
  2. She must have had gastric-bypass or lap-belt surgery.
  3. I bet she always was fit and just went through a bad period, that’s why she looks so great now.
  4. She must have starved herself to lose all that weight.
  5. She probably doesn’t work and has a ton free time to work out for hours every day.
  6. He’s probably a personal trainer. All he does is work out all day.
  7. He’s probably taking some kind of supplements.

Let’s be honest, the first thought that crosses our mind is typically NOT…

  • She finally found something that works for her.
  • She must have had a great coach.
  • She probably found a group of people to keep her on track and motivate her.
  • He made a commitment, set his plan and obviously stuck with it.
  • That must not have been easy for him/her.
  • Good for him/her! He/she looks really happy and fulfilled.

The message this week is simple:

  1. No, you can’t always believe what’s on social media. NPR broadcasted a great story about the dichotomy between what we post on Facebook and what we search for on Google. I would advise not getting sucked in or become jealous by someone’s falsehoods.
  2. It takes a brave and honest person to take the “before” photo and make a conscious decision to change their behavior. This, we all know, is not easy.
  3. The company with whom I work, Beachbody posts un-doctored before and after photos. Nothing has been touched up, photo-shopped, replaced.

I ask you to look, not at the body but, at the facial expression in the before and after photos. These expressions tell it all.

It’s really not about what the body looks like. It’s how the person inside the body has transformed. That person is more confident, patient, kind, sympathetic, brave, open-minded, caring….I could go on and on.

We’re humans and humans are naturally skeptical. We need to believe and trust in something, therefore I ask my customers to take before and after photos as the proof.

The photo, more than the scale, tells the story.

The only person who needs to see those photos is the person in the photo. We need to believe that we can change for the better, we can set a goal and accomplish it.

All it takes is the right tools, the right plan and positive people around you to pick you up when you falter.


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  • It’s amazing how people spend hours upon hours in a gym never getting the results their looking for. One problem is they don’t utilize their gym time wisely.
    P 90 X allows you to get the results you’re looking for in a fraction of the time. Expect to sweat your guts out and be toast at the end of your workouts. I wish I’d been doing this program 20 years ago. 2-3 hours in a local gym? Forget about it!

  • Hi Julienne – Yes I am on Twitter: @kithortoncaldic and I usually post the link to my weekly blog on Twitter too 🙂 Thanks for reading! I’m glad you find the content beneficial 🙂 Spread the word.

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