Just about 12 years and two weeks ago, I “pushed play” for my last day of my first 90 day round of a program called P90X and never wanted to look back at my “Day Zero” ever again.

I was a stressful, high-achieving-type kid and I think my parents were concerned I might have an ulcer if they didn’t find a way for me to de-stress. I loved anything athletic from the time I was 5 years of age. “Field Day” in elementary school was my favorite day of the year. My parents let me do gymnastics, dance and even put me in a running club for kids.

I loved the “escape” of exercise. I loved the adrenaline rush. I loved the competition. I enjoyed the camaraderie that came from being part of a team.

After playing on field hockey teams and indoor and outdoor track teams in High School, I continued running recreationally during college. Running allowed me to clear my head and alleviate stress during college. I entered road races, first 5ks, then 10ks and then a half marathon.

After college came marriage, 3 babies in 5 years and being laser-focused on building my career and increasing my income to afford everything that comes along with raising a family.

It seemed like suddenly, I looked in the mirror and saw a tired, run down, unmotivated, depressed human being that I didn’t recognize. The person who used to make time for exercise was finding excuses to avoid it. The truth of the matter, it didn’t happen suddenly, I felt that way for years and just kept pushing it aside.

Christmas Holiday, 2005 and my big brother Tony Horton is back East visiting. He tells our family about his newest endeavor with a company called Beachbody and how his new 90-day program is going to “get people in the best shape of their lives, in their house, in front of their TV set.”

We had a big laugh at that. Visions of Jack LaLanne, Jane Fonda, spandex and big hair came into my head and I thought; “What has he got himself into?”

Not very many people knew about this fitness program back then. The only reason I decided to do it is because he asked me to, and well, I was feeling a little desperate and willing to try anything. I was so disappointed in the terrible shape I was in and yet, running or driving to the nearest gym and trying to get a decent workout in was not happening. My children were 8, 7 and 5 years old and I was working full-time, 40-60 hours per week.

And so, in March 2005 that white box with the DVDs and black and white binders showed up at my house, compliments of my big brother. Me, being the Type-A personality that I am, had to read the books and watched some of the DVDs first. (Sure, it was also a delay tactic.)

My husband and I decided that April 1st would be our “Day One…”

Just about 12 years and two weeks ago, I “pushed play” for my last day of my first 90 day round of a program called P90X and never wanted to look back at my “Day Zero” ever again.

It’s true. I won’t bore you with all the details about the ups and downs we had during those 3 months. There were many downs, disappointing days getting the scale, calls to my brother stating: “I don’t think this incredibly hard program works, but you’re pretty funny in it.”

Then came those final few weeks. Things started to click. I felt the adrenaline rush again. I was doing exercises I never thought I was capable of doing; push-ups, pull-ups, plyometric movement.

Uh-oh, Day 90. What will I do now?

Our final week fell just before the July 4th holiday. Tony was home visiting again. “What do I do now?” I asked him. His response: “Just keep doing it. Find ways to keep it interesting and fun. This is just a jump start to a new way of living for you. And…spread the word.”


I had a clear purpose, I had a great nutrition and fitness plan. The one thing missing: the community.

I missed that team atmosphere so I decided to create a team of my own. I shared my experience with others and asked them to join me. They weren’t all doing P90X, but we all made a commitment to help one another get and stay on a path toward better health by walking, jogging, taking the stairs more and cleaning up our diet. Because social media didn’t exist then, we’d check in via email.

Boy, was THAT a long email thread after a while ?

The rest is history…

12 years later I still do P90X but also a whole lot more. The company has grown exponentially since then. We’ve got an entire library of programs to choose from. Instead of DVDs you can stream them all, live, 24/7. It’s like Netflix for fitness ? There have been a ton of others who have tried to copy Beachbody but NO OTHER COMPANY, in my opinion provides the resources to help you GET and STAY fit like they do:

  • Best trainers and programs
  • Variety: strength, yoga, cardio, core, Pilates, mixed martial arts
  • Geared toward ANY fitness level…it’s not just P90X anymore
  • Recipes, food prep videos, useful blogs for all types of diet preferences
  • COMMUNITY! – my group, called Team Thrive has grown exponentially and these are the people whom I credit for keeping me in the game all these years. Many I’ve never met in person but whom I would call a friend.

Won’t you join our team? Wouldn’t you like to be part of something motivational and meaningful that starts with the core of who you are and what you can become, namely; your HEALTH?

I’m launching my new website today: GetFitWithKit.com. At a minimum, click on the front page where it says: “Send Me Free Tips” to get my 21 Day FREE tips. This is the best information I’d like to share with you, free, that I’ve learned from my own trial and error.

Let’s get started…together ?


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