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Who is Tony Horton?

Who is Tony Horton?
Wisdom and Accountability from his little sister…

Hello Team!
September…..whoosh….over! Fall has begun. With the change of seasons, I often reflect on what I’ve learned and where I still need to grow—in my health and fitness and as wife and mom. As a mom of a teenage daughter, I am often reflecting on what advice I can give her that will help her grow into a strong, confident young woman.

Tony and I consider ourselves very lucky to have grown up in a loving household with two great role models as parents. My mom and I had a great relationship, especially in my teenage years and I think about the advice she gave me and how I can pass that along to my daughter.

Now, Tony is seven years older than me and our sister Mary Beth is five years older than me. I lived like an only child in our house for my high school years, as my sister and brother were already off to college when I was a freshman in high school. If you are a parent, you know there could have been a lot of tension between me and my mom during those years with no buffer between us if we butted heads. But, it was the exact opposite. I recall those years as ones where my mom and I laughed a lot and shared a lot. Our mother was one of six children and she was one of three that went to college. A young women at a university was rare in the 50s and not only did she excel, she was elected Vice President of her class and she was the Captain of the cheerleading squad during her college years.

I recall her sitting down with me one night when she and I were having dinner after my field hockey practice. I think I was a sophomore and starting to think about college and what I wanted to do with my life. The conviction in her voice was so strong when she said: “Kit, you can do anything you want. The opportunities are endless for you. It was not that way for me when I graduated. No one wanted to hire women.” My mom was one of the few women who graduated with a degree in Business. Unable to find a job, she saw an ad in the paper; TWA Airlines was hiring flight attendants. She was hired immediately…for her smarts…maybe just a little, but mainly because she was pretty and had great legs. Yes, during the interview they made her stand up and lift up her skirt so they could see her legs!!

So, in this age where young girls grow up looking at obscenely skinny role models on TV and the internet and communication is done mostly in shorthand and completely misinterpreted, I impress on my daughter to speak up, speak clearly, be herself, be confident and try new things even if she knows she won’t be successful at them. To give one’s best effort, enjoy the journey and not stress about the outcome. To know that the experience and failure are what will make her life rich and fulfilling and will enable her to reach milestones. These are lessons my mom gave me, I try to pass on to her and impress upon you as you approach each milestone on your path to better health and fitness. So many of us are afraid to just try to because we are afraid of failure. There is no failure in what we learn and experience during the process of making each attempt. As Abraham Lincoln said; “Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”

I remember being so appalled when my mother first told me the story of her having to stand up and lift her skirt. I said to her, “Oh my gosh mom, how archaic and sexually discriminating things were then! I hope you refused to do as they asked.” My mom quickly replied; “On the contrary, I had great legs back then so I proudly stood up, lifted my skirt and struck a pose.”

Who is Tony Horton and why did how did he reach success? I think he might say it had something to do with his ability to move beyond each failed attempt and a bit of mom’s encouragement to do so.

My results from last week:
Monday: Tony Horton Upper Body Balance and Ab Ripper X, 5:15 am- DONE!
Tuesday: Tony Horton PAP, 5:15 am—DONE!
Wednesday: Tony Horton Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper X, 5:15 am—did Ab Ripper, did NOT do Shoulders and Arms
Thursday: Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit, 5:15 am—DONE!
Friday: Tony Horton Base and Back, 7 am—DONE!—This one is a killer…
Saturday: Bikram Yoga, 8 am—DONE!
Sunday: REST!!

Plan for this Week:
Monday: 6 am, P90X Plus Upper Body and P90X Abs Core Plus,
Tuesday: 5:15 am, Insanity Pure Cardio
Wednesday: 5:15 am, Tony Horton One-on-One Shoulders and Arms and Tony Horton 10-minute Trainer Abs
Thursday: 5:15 am Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Friday: 6 am, Tony Horton One-on-One Back and Belly
Saturday: 8 am Hot Bikram or 10 am Hot Power Yoga
Sunday: Rest or go for a 4 mile run