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Sure fire tips for blog

Sure-Fire Tips to GET and KEEP Going

This morning, as I lay in Savasana after hot yoga, a cool compress is placed on my forehead by the instructor. I take a deep breath and relax, and think to myself: “I’m so glad I got out of bed to come to this class today.”

Whizzing down the line, I reach for the brake, grab it, and my feet land safely on the platform. What a rush and I think to myself: “That wasn’t bad at all, it was exhilarating! I’m so glad my family talked me into going zip lining.”

I’m listening to Tony Horton as he guides me through the cool down and stretch after a tough workout. Sweat is dripping, I’m completely spent but, my head is clear, my lungs feel cleansed, and my heart is energized. I think to myself: “Why do I make so many excuses for not “pushing play” when I know I’ll feel this good once the workout is done?”

I believe that if we all stopped to think just a bit more about “the after moment” while we debate, make excuses, and hem and haw over doing something that we’d all be so much better off. Do you ever stop to think about how you would feel AFTER taking a calculated risk? Do you pause to remind yourself of the benefits of saying “yes” to something when you toyed with saying “no?”

Why are we so scared of trying new things? Why, as we get older, does our “joie de vivre” and “carpe diem” approach to life start to fail?

As I think about the answers to these questions I am reminded of my own upbringing. I was raised in a very practical household. We were taught to work hard in school, go to college, and get a job at a company that would provide benefits and a retirement plan. I can recall conversations about “taking the safe route” and “don’t take a chance you might regret.” I think a lot of people of my generation had a similar upbringing. Even now, I find the same advice flowing from my mouth when I speak to my adult children.

Typically it’s in our 30s that we start to raise a family and we’re now responsible for much more than ourselves. Every action has a greater consequence. By the time we reach our 40s we’re working our tails off to provide for that family. Sacrifices multiply. Then, in our 50s we think back on our lives with regret. Why didn’t we try more? Do more? Say “yes” to more?

This being the season of Lent and Spring renewal, it’s a wonderful time for all of us to take inventory of our lives and think about what’s holding us back.

  1. Make time to pursue your interests. The most successful people I know understand that chasing success shouldn’t mean they have to forget pursuinng their favorite hobbies and interests. Take the opportunity to be creative, whatever it is you like to do most in your spare time and make some time to do it.
  2. Stop being so tough on yourself. Confidence has a lot to do with that internal voice in your head vocalizing all of the crummy thoughts. Author and speaker Brian Tracy says; “the mark of self-confidence is self-efficacy, or believing in your ability to perform well in your chosen activity.” Those with self-confidence know that no matter the challenge they’ll pull it off and succeed. You will try more and do more if you have more confidence in your ability and remove the constant self-doubt.
  3. Take fear out of the equation by having no expectations. It’s amazing to me how many women I coach sabotage their own success. They go a week or month of eating clean and exercising regularly and then quit because they fear they won’t be able to sustain it. Eating poorly and laying around is easy and comfortable, we get really good at that so why not just stay in that lane? Any goal we achieve in life is not easy. There are always ups and downs along the way and trial and error. We understand this to be true when it comes to our careers, raising children, and falling in love. For goodness sake, why don’t we accept there will be setbacks when improving our health…and more important: that those setbacks are OKAY? It doesn’t mean you don’t try and it surely doesn’t mean you quit when the going gets rough. You pause, evaluate, learn and make changes to keep moving forward, especially when…

…the alarm goes off for second time, you want to hit the “doze” button and skip yoga. Instead you think about that cool compress on your head and the feeling accomplishment you’ll have.

….you’re shaking in your sneakers as you get clipped into your harness before going zip lining and you’re about to turn back. Instead you visualize the person before you screaming for joy and think about what you’ll miss out on if you don’t step off that platform.

….you start to make every excuse in the book for not exercising (I’m tired, long day, no time, I’m sore, the garage is cold). Instead you think about how great you felt after the last workout and you decide to show up and just do your best.

The Power of Potential

Potential, noun; “The latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.”

You have this. Everyone has this.

Potential is the easiest, most powerful starting point. It’s your opportunity to achieve any goal and obtain any dream. But, do you believe in your potential?running up stairs

Oprah Winfrey says: “You become what you believe.”

More often than not, our lack of belief in ourselves and our abilities is what holds us back. For goodness sake, give yourself more credit! I see so many women reluctant to go outside their comfort zone and try new things or hold back on fighting for what they believe because they focus too much on their weaknesses instead of working from their strengths.

Once you have a strong belief in yourself, the next step is to take ownership. Potential can only turn into success if we choose to take action. Don’t be concerned about being great or being better than someone else, just focus on being your best. Tony Horton taught me long ago that showing up is better than skipping out. I’m 51 years old, and believe me, there are many days that I want to skip my workout, but when I heed Tony’s advice and choose to strap on my sneakers and have no expectations about the outcome, I always feel better than before I started. Every good choice, even if it’s a small one, happening moment after moment and day after day adds up to building an amazing human being.

Finally, I strongly believe that passion and potential go hand-in-hand. If you care about something deeply, you can achieve it. Why does the underdog win the game? How does a 3rd round pick become the starter? How does the “C” student become the CEO of a successful company?  Answer: deep-rooted, unwavering, passion.

In summary: stop wasting your potential. Decide what you want and GO AFTER IT today.

Can a Tidy House Impact the Quality of Your Life?


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This week’s blog….

I grew up in a house with two siblings, a long-haired collie and shag rugs and yet, our house was always clean and neat. My friends would joke about the vacuum lines in our rugs. “Does your mom vacuum every day?” they would ask. The answer: of course. In fact, both mom and dad kept a very neat and tidy house. There was a proper place for everything. Our garage had  plenty of space around the cars and you could practically eat off the floor. The pantry was organized. If you needed something off Dad’s tool bench you knew exactly where to find it. Laundry was washed, dried, then immediately folded and put away. Dinner dishes were washed, and immediately dried and put away. Things didn’t linger in the wrong place.  You didn’t leave stuff on the floor, the counter or over a chair. yoga-spring-cleaning-pic-660x330You came home after school, hung up your coat and brought your stuff up to your room. My sister, brother and I all inherited this need to be neat and tidy. When Tony says in P90X; “You should see my closet at home” when referring to stretching in a straight line, he’s telling the truth. His clothes are organized by type and color and his closet makes a high end department store display look sloppy. Okay, so here are some confessions from a neat freak:

  • I set my alarm to go off 10 minutes early knowing that I need to go downstairs and pick up the house before I can “push play” and start my workout.
  • When I need to take a break from work, instead of taking a walk I’d rather fold and put away laundry or spend 10 minutes cleaning out a closet or messy drawer.
  • Forget about working at a sloppy desk. I can’t focus until my desk is clear and neat.
  • A long weekend or day off when the weather is dismal? Yay!! Time to clean out the garage or re-organize the kitchen cabinets.
  • Another pet peeve: dishes left in the sink or returning home to cluttered house after a business trip. Ugh!

I know what you’re thinking, I must drive my family crazy.

But here’s the thing, I’m a strong believer that an orderly house impacts other choices too. Even if you are a sloppy person, I imagine there was a true sense of satisfaction when you took the time to do a bit Spring cleaning. When your house is in order, so to speak, you have a tendency to change your life in bigger ways. Whether it’s attacking a big job like the garage or a small one like the junk drawer, you reconnect with what truly matters and what doesn’t and you make choices about what gives you joy and what isn’t necessary. These choices may just transcend into making better choices about health, relationships and your career. Research even supports the notion that clutter- or its absence- can have a physical or emotional effect.  In a 2009 study, UCLA psychologists found that women who feel their homes are cluttered tend to be less happy with their marriages, have unhealthy patterns of the stress hormone cortisol, and get increasingly depressed throughout the day. It makes sense then, that (at least for women) tidying might be good for the body and mind.

So perhaps we can take the same approach to our relationships, work and health that we might while doing our Spring cleaning, namely, chuck what’s not working and keep what does.


How to Make Healthy Food Taste Good

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to feel focused, energized and happy?

Do you want to make the most of every workout, outdoor activity or competitive event?

If your answer to these questions was yes, then you need to focus on your daily nutrition and how to best fuel your body.

The challenge is preparing food in such a way that makes us feel satisfied from the moment it touches our tongue until the time it hits our stomach. The age old question is: How do you make healthy food taste good?chocolateandspices

Adults have a tough time making healthy food taste good because most of us grew up in the 60s and 70s when sugar, fat and salt crept in our diet in the form of food that came in boxes, bags and cans. Here’s what my food intake looked like from the age of 5-18:

Breakfast: Fruit Loops cereal with whole milk, toast with butter and cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top and a small glass of orange juice.

Lunch: Sandwich on white bread with deli meat and American cheese with a Devil Dog and small bag of Fritos. I’d buy the whole milk carton offered by the school.

Dinner: Pasta and meatballs with a side salad or meatloaf with baked potato and reheated canned vegetable.


Our palettes are so prone to tasting sugar, fat and salt that it takes time to acquire a taste for food that is flavored with healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil and natural spices. What’s been working well for me:

  1. Get off sugar. You’ve probably read that sugar is as addictive as heroine. It clouds your brain, it drains your energy, it wreaks havoc on your skin, and negatively impacts sleep…should I go on? I’m an addict because once I start eating it, I can’t stop. I’m not a “tiny sweet a few times a week” person, I want sugar throughout the day. My best advice: give up the white stuff, cold turkey and in 30 days you will feel like a new person. During that time, if the cravings kick in replace white sugar with small amounts of something sweetened with Stevia. (Don’t eat as much Stevia sweetened foods as you would those sweetened with white table sugar. You don’t want to become a Stevia addict either.) I have Shakeology once per day. It is sweetened with a small amount of Stevia – but because it is so nutrient dense with over 70 fruits and vegetables, in 30 days, you won’t crave the white sugar anymore. My brother turned me on to a chocolate bar sweetened with Stevia (pictured above) and when the craving sets in I break off a few small squares and savor each one until it’s gone. Make a cup of fruit flavored herb tea like cinnamon apple, orange ginger or blueberry and savor it. Eat more whole fruit and berries. After 30-90 days replacing white sugar with the sugar that comes in the form of a whole fruit, the first time you have a cookie or brownie it will be unappealing to you new less sweet palette :)
  2. Try just 1-2 new recipes per week. There are tons of experts who have already figured out how to make healthy food taste good. I subscribe to the Vega newsletter and Clean Eating Magazine and I love recipes from cookbook authors Melissa Costello and Tosca Reno. Before long you’ll have a repertoire of recipes that you love and know how to cook from memory.
  3. Buy fresh spices. They make SUCH a difference in the flavor of any prepared food. In a pinch, Trader Joe’s makes a couple table spice blends that I sprinkle on chicken, fish, and in my eggs: 21 Seasoning Salute and a Garlic Salt mixture in a grinder that includes garlic, sea salt, onion and parsley. (Both are pictured above.)
  4. Invest in good gadgets that make the food prep easier. I have two great gadgets: a small mini chopper to quickly chop or mince small items like garlic and shallots and a Vitamix blender. The Vitamix will chop, mince and blend just about anything. It’s a blender and food processor all in one.
  5. If you must eat out, know how to order in any restaurant. Going out to dinner doesn’t mean blowing your clean eating diet. Just about any restaurant has healthy options. Peruse the entire menu and kindly ask the waiter if you could mix and match, given that you are on a special diet. Don’t forget to mention that you will tip kindly for the accommodation. First, I look for lean protein options: any kind of fish or chicken that is “grilled” or “pan seared.” Then I look for all my favorite vegetables and ask to switch out the potato or starch for another vegetable and request they cook light on the butter and oil. Or, order a salad without all the bad fixins’ like croutons, cheese, and candied nuts and add some avocado and grilled protein to it. Ask for oil and vinegar on the side. Finally, stay away from the bread basket, calorie heavy and sugar laden alchoholic drinks and dessert.


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Valentine’s Day, Love and Community

“Law is nothing other than a certain ordinance of reason for the common good, promulgated by the person who has the care of the community.”– Thomas Aquinasfitness community

Ah, Valentine’s Day. We love it when there is someone special in our lives. We hate it when there isn’t. Sure, being in love is important, but what about being part of something bigger to fulfill our human need of belonging? Being part of a positive community is so valuable because it provides us with a sense of cohesiveness among a group of people. As I sit here on a 14 degree day in New England, I see it withering away. Our society is moving at a faster and more detached rate due to technology, busy schedules and the frequency with which we change jobs and location. Throw in a winter season with colder temperatures and piles of snow and we become isolated in our homes, which begets a greater sense of loneliness and depression.

One example where I’ve seen the positive impact of community, people supporting and interacting positively with others who share a vested interest, is in the health and fitness challenge groups I’ve lead and been part of over the last 10 years. Changing bad habits and staying consistent with better ones is tough. Let’s face it, temptation is all around us, we all have stress in our lives and God didn’t intend for us to be perfect. It takes a village of people, coming together with common struggles, common goals and a willingness to remain open-minded and caring to change lives for the better.

Those of us that have been part of these groups would admit that we ALL struggle. We’re all tempted to skip our workouts and eat poorly and we’ve made countless mistakes. Those of us that have had more good days than bad would also attribute the people in these groups as the main reason they stay on track or bounce right back when they falter. It’s these people who inspire, motivate, empathize and help us be honest with ourselves that have helped us reach milestones to become happier, healthy humans.

Over the past 6 weeks I’ve been honored to be part of a special group. I was asked to be part of a test group for Tony Horton’s new program; 22 Minute Hardcorps. I am participating among a group of health and fitness Coaches. You’d think we wouldn’t need each other, that we’ve got this health and fitness thing wired, that we all came into it in great shape already. Wrong! It’s been oddly comforting to see that the other Coaches in this group share the same struggles as me. They want to dive into the foods they love, they are finding the workouts tough, they’ve cheated here and there…they are not perfect.

But here’s the thing: we’re all in it…together. We all have a common goal: to go through these 8 weeks following the program the best we can. We are cheering one another on, sharing our struggles, sharing our wins, leveraging our own unique strengths and celebrating each other.

Let’s face it, a strong community, whether it’s a fitness community, neighborhood, town or city benefits the individual, the community and the greater society. Our team is more positive and focused and feeds into every part of our lives. People of all ages who feel a sense of belonging tend to lead happier and healthier lives.

I would LOVE it if you’d like to be part of our next group, starting March 14th. The stronger the group, the more powerful we will be. We’ll be doing Tony’s new program, 22 Minute Hardcorps and you’ll not only have the benefit of a great community, I will provide my own personal experience with the program as an added means of support. I’m excited to try it all over again with a NEW group.

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Find the Mind, Body, Spirit Balance

Regular exercise is critical for a long, healthy life. However, all work and no play makes Mind_Body_SpiritJack a very dull guy and constant, tough workouts with no attention to the soul and the mind can make for an overworked and injury-prone body. Those who live the most fulfilling lives make an effort to achieve balance in three key areas: mind, body and spirit.

I realize it can be challenging to find time to dedicate to all three areas. The natural pull of work and family commitments can cause us to lose focus on our own health. My dear husband has always been a proponent of the mind, body, spirit connection. He is the one who reminds this stress-prone, high achieving women not to feel guilty when taking time out to relax with a good novel. The ultimate benefits of keeping our lives in balance is that we perform better and accomplish more at work, we are more patient parents and more giving and loving significant others.

Let’s take a look at each one…

Mind. I believe a strong mind stems from simply going through life with an open mind and learner’s attitude. In every conversation we engage in, in every business meeting we sit in, in every experience we encounter, think about how you can learn from it. How can you add value to the other person? What can you take away from the experience that will make you a better person? How can you keep your own personal filters at bay and remain objective? Attention to the answers to these questions helps us maintain a peaceful and positive state of mind.

Body. A strong body all boils down to:  regular exercise, clean nutrition, good sleep and not giving in to stress.  Have you heard that “sitting is the new smoking?” First and foremost, make the time to move for 30- 60 minutes a day, especially if you have a desk job. Second, clean up your nutrition. Get out of boxes, bags and cans and get back to eating foods that come from a tree, the ground or that graze in open, free-range pastures. Invest in a really comfortable mattress and pillow, shut off all the screens an hour before bed and get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Finally, practice emotional intelligence. Be more self-aware of how you react in stressful situations and learn how to manage it better. Be more socially aware of how others think and feel when you engage with them versus focusing on what’s important to you and work to manage each and every interaction to a positive outcome.

Spirit. If you are a person of faith, you know what a valuable place this has in your life. Your faith, your ethics, and your beliefs shape the decisions you make and who you are. If one leg of the tripod had the most value, this would be it. As Rick Warren states in the book; Purpose Driven Life, “The purpose of your life is far greater than your own personal fulfillment…your family, career or dreams and ambitions. If you want to know why you were placed on this planet, you must begin with God.” Self-sacrifice is the way to finding your true self and your faith- most any faith- is what helps you decipher and constantly work through that.

A triathlete trains to be strong in three events: running, biking and swimming. Consider yourself a triathlete in life and make an effort to focus on and improve in all three areas of Mind, Body and Spirit.


This has been tough for me. January 1st, the 5th, then the 15th rolled around and I still hadn’t gained any traction toward improved post-holiday nutrition. This holiday season I indulged a little more than normal and it proved more difficult to make positive changes when the New Year rolled around.

After expressing my personal disappointment, my husband Danny, always with the “glass is half full” attitude, told me not to be so hard on myself… and he was right.

In physics, the first law of motion says that a body at rest will remain at rest, and a body in motion will remain at the same uniform speed unless an external force acts upon it. Are you stuck or still inching along like I was?

I think that many people lack momentum because of fear of failure. We start and stop, and start and stop, and then success seems so far out of reach so, why bother. From there we put up the façade and start justifying our bad choices. We lie to ourselves and others and this is what creates a pattern of failure.

A few years ago, I wanted to create environment to erase our fears and where we could all feel safe. I created a private Facebook group called “Team Thrive.” Three years later,  many of the original members are still present and new ones join every day because our group offers:

  1. Accountability. Everyone checks into the group just once a day to share how their nutrition was and the workout they did. When you hold yourself accountable to others, you naturally want to have something positive to report.
  2. An environment where it’s safe to be authentic and transparent. We acknowledge we’re not perfect, nor are we striving for it. Our goal is have more good days than bad, to strive to make more positive choices when it comes to improved nutrition and exercise. We can fail and be utterly disappointed and quit or take it in stride and learn from it. When people in the group post about their bad days, their mistakes and missteps, the entire group rallies around them, which leads to the next important element…
  3. A focus on solutions. We are focused on solving problems not casting blame. Anytime anyone poses a problem or a question, not just me, but many in the group offer up ideas and solutions. Why? Because we’ve all been there at one point or another.
  4. Teamwork. When it comes to making consistent, positive changes toward better health, it takes a village. Initially I set this group up to provide accountability for all with me playing the role of Coach. Without any instruction, this group naturally evolved into a place where everyone took on the role of offering perspective and motivation. We all just regular folk, striving to achieving one common goal: the best possible quality of life.

Would you like a safe, free opportunity to get support? You have two options:

  1. Come to our free Fit Club. If you live near Maynard, Ma. We workout in a safe environment once per week to the Beachbody programs. Different fitness levels, different ages, all with different reasons why we show up, but we show up, do our best and forget the rest. We start at 7:15 pm on Monday nights at the Maynard High School.
  2. Free admission to the Team Thrive private Facebook group during the first week of February. Send me a private message on Facebook if we are already “friends” or reply to me here to let me know you’d like an honorary membership for the week. The group is ready to provide support, motivation and encouragement to you.

I Have #HighBloodPressure

Last week I got some interesting news. I went to the doctor to get some relief from a yoga posesclogged ear after a short head cold. The nurse took my blood pressure and told me it was high. “What?” – I immediately reacted.  “That’s impossible, I work out six days per week, eat clean and don’t have a lot of excess salt in my diet. Can you take it again?” The second result, was obviously the same.

Before I found P90X and many other great Beachbody programs, I was a runner. During those years, at my annual trips to the doctor I was told my blood pressure was low. Years of running have taken a toll on my knees and hips and I run far less often now. That said, I feel like I’m in pretty great shape, so how can I have high blood pressure? Nonetheless, I’m listening to the doctor and I’m making some changes. I’ve been watching my salt intake and I’ve decided to step up the amount of times I incorporate yoga into my weekly exercise routine. Yesterday I went to my favorite Bikram Yoga class. As I lay in corpse pose, a cold cloth on my forehead (the instructor gives us one at the end…heaven!) I thought to myself: why am I not doing this more often?

Did you know that one of the benefits of yoga is reduced blood pressure?  Yoga combines movement and breath. Research has shown that exercise, meditation and breath exercises can all help lower blood pressure. With yoga you get all three for the price of one workout. If you are doing not doing yoga at least once per week, you must. Yes, you must. If not, you are missing out on these other benefits:

  1. Decrease anxiety and stress. Who does not have even a little bit of this in their lives? During yoga the teacher will constantly give the instruction to “relax.” I often feel like he or she is talking directly to me! I have a tendency to muscle my way through the poses. When the instructor gives the clue to relax, I notice that I might be clenching my teeth, furrowing my brow, or tightening muscles. When we listen to the instructor and relax, slow our breathing and focus on the present moment, this shifts us from the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) to the parasympathetic system (relaxation response.) Thus, the heart rate slows, blood pressure decreases and cortisol levels are lowered.
  2. Reduce injury. I like to work out hard six days per week doing strength training and cardio training that involves agility and plyometric movement. Yoga helps you become more flexible and stronger. Yoga centers on a series of isometric poses that you hold for upwards of 10 long yoga breaths. Holding the poses can help you build strong, toned muscles and denser, more resilient bones.
  3. Improve balance. Too often we hear about elderly people who have fallen, because they’ve lost balance and broken a hip, or worse. Many yoga poses teach you to use your breath to balance on feet, hands, or even your head. With each practice you get a better sense of your own balance and work toward improving it.
  4. Improve sleep. If you’ve been working out consistently and cleaning up your diet, your sleep has probably improved. But yoga is particularly effective at improving sleep because it increases melatonin in the body. Melatonin gives you a sense of calm. If your head is racing with that never ending “to-do” list before bed, you may want to try getting out of bed and doing a few vinyasas to calm yourself.
  5. Lose weight. For those of you out there who think you need to do hard core strength training and cardio to lose weight and yoga is like “rest day” or is some mediation “voo-doo” thing, think again. You can drop pounds by practicing yoga for several reasons. First, as mentioned, yoga regulates hormones including cortisol. Cortisol causes stress and stress can cause weight gain. Just as Tony Horton says in P90X Yoga “it’s like a massage of the central nervous system.” Yoga helps organs detoxify and function properly, which can have a positive impact on your metabolism. Yoga helps you release pent up emotion so you are less likely to emotionally binge.

Okay, so there are five great reasons to do yoga. What are you waiting for? Just once a week is all it takes. Find a class, dust off your P90X or P90X3 yoga DVD and start transforming your mind, body, spirit and LIFE.

Both YOU and the New England Patriots Can Bounce Back from a Setback

Tonight our beloved New England Patriots play the 3-0 Bengals on Sunday Night Football. Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 11.23.35 PMLast week, the fans all stood in horror as we watched, well, let’s just say…..a troubling performance on their part. We are hoping they’ve spent time analyzing the film, learned from their mistakes, and devised a new strategy going into tonight’s game. We hope last week’s performance was a minor setback and they will get back on track, starting tonight.

Like the New England Patriots, we all face setbacks in our lives and it can be difficult to work through them. But, when you make it through a setback it can strengthen your resolve to move forward, learning from your mistakes. Or, if you allow it to, it can cause all that you worked for to come toppling down.

The same holds true with our fitness routines. We can hit a rough patch due to an illness, work travel, long days at work or busy weeks with family commitments. As a result, we allow our regular fitness routine to slip so much that we cave to the pressures of life and abandon our fitness goals.

For some of you, this isn’t an issue. You are fitness enthusiasts, and make your fitness a daily priority, but for others, it may be a while since you cracked open that P90X, T25, or 10-Minute Trainer box….or maybe you bought it and never opened it all.

Hey, the first few weeks committing to fitness routine in a way, is easy right? It’s like the beginning of a new romance. It’s new and exciting and you are focused and determined to make it work.

The hard part for most of us may be when we hit those milestones: Day 30, 60 and 90. It’s at that point when complacency can set in. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Anything worth keeping for the long-term requires regular maintenance. For example, do you take your car in for regular service and inspection? Do you continue to learn and contribute at work to advance in your career? Do you continue to give to those important to you to ensure the relationship thrives? So, why not take the same approach toward your health? If the desire to maintain your health is strong enough, then just like our car, relationships and career, it needs constant attention.

The question you need to ask yourself is this: How much is great health and feeling good a priority for you right now? If you purpose is very strong and you want it badly enough, you must be willing to work for it. If you consistently eat clean, you provide insurance to maximize your efforts. Plus, the days that you are forced to miss, because life happens, won’t lead to feelings of guilt but rather a feeling of preparedness because you have the peace of mind of consistent effort. The same holds true if you miss a workout here and there.

Listen, allowing complacency to settle in can really be tough to recover from because you will be forced to dig deeper for motivation. If you find yourself at that point right now with your fitness routine, then think back to the beginning, when things were new and exciting. Recreate the events as they unfolded in the past. Think back when you lost those first few inches or when you were able to beat your personal best number of push-ups, or you realized a clean meal could be delicious and satisfy your cravings.
Try a new routine, create your own hybrid, or join one of my online motivation and support groups. I will be happy to set up a call to chat with you. Simply click on this link: https://getfitwithkit.wufoo.com/forms/im-ready-to-be-part-of-kits-group/

The best of you is yet to come…welcome back! Let’s hope we say the same to the Patriots after tonight’s game. :)

You CAN Change. It’s Your Turn.

Logic would tell us that if we NEED to change and we WANT to change, then we would.Final G

Then, why is it so difficult to find the motivation?

Our human nature tells us that change can be painful, uncomfortable and challenging. So, avoiding those kind of emotions is innate. We are pretty much hard-wired to avoid pain.

Let’s discuss change within with the context of our current state of health. Any of the following statements come out of your mouth recently or out of the mouth of someone you know?

“I’ll start making changes next week, after the holidays, after this difficult circumstance (divorce, sick relative, etc) is through.”

“Sure, I’m overweight but, I don’t have any major health issues, so why should I change what I eat and do now?”

“I could get hit by a truck tomorrow, who is to say that if I eat right and exercise I’ll live longer?”

“I’ve been this way my entire life, being overweight is part of my genetics.”

“Eating healthy is expensive! It’s impossible to feed a family these days on whole foods.”

James Allen writes in the book As a Man Thinketh: “People are anxious to improve their circumstances but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound.”

If you have a desire, need or dream to get healthy and fit, if you have a picture of yourself from 10 years ago and have the belief that you can get back there, or you have a picture in your mind of your future, healthier and happier self-that’s yearning to get out…CONGRATULATIONS! You’re closer to change than you think!

The statements above are excuses from people who truly don’t have a strong enough purpose or desire (yet) to embark on change. There may be some other reasons holding you back. Let me run through a few, see if they resonate and provide some remedies.

  1. I’m discouraged by my past failures. There is nothing more paralyzing than the fear of failure, and yet, knowing what I know now, I am surprised when people use this as an excuse to start exercising and eating right. When you make just one good choice about what to eat, you’ve succeeded. When you choose to exercise today, you’ve succeeded. How can you fail at taking small steps in the right direction? Another great quote from a favorite author, Jim Rohn: “You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.”  Remedy: Work toward progress, not perfection and switch your focus away from fear and toward faith. If you are intentionally taking the step to change, you have faith in yourself that you can change. Which emotion are you going to let take over, fear or faith?
  2. What if it’s not worth all the hard work and effort in the end? I can already hear you itemizing all that you’ll have to give up – the foods you love, the time you’re not willing to replace with a workout. I understand the fear of the unknown, the feeling of: what if I put in a huge amount of effort, time and energy and I don’t achieve my weight loss goal? I’ve been a health and fitness coach for 10 years, and I never guarantee my strategies will help someone achieve a specific weight loss goal in a specified time frame. Every body type is different and a Coach can only guide and motivate, not make the changes for someone else. Remedy: Fear of the unknown is natural to some degree, but don’t let it paralyze you from taking action. Even if the end result isn’t exactly what you hoped, haven’t you still grown along the way? Every person I coach has ups and downs over the course of their journey. I can’t guarantee a number on a scale, but what I can guarantee is new found knowledge and growth and that you will absolutely feel a whole lot better on Day 2, 30, 60 and 90 than you did on Day 1- even if there were poor food choices and missed workouts along the way. And, isn’t that the ultimate goal…to feel better than you do now?
  3. I have a goal, but I don’t know what steps I should take to achieve it. Many people don’t have the skill set or knowledge to achieve major changes in their lives. If they did, big changes would be pretty easy. When it comes to getting healthy, I observe so many trying to figure it out on their own or using the same tactics that have failed the in the past. We are confused by the plethora of different types of diets everyone is touting and feel that hour we set aside for exercise is wasted because we got overwhelmed by all the equipment at the gym. Get ready…here comes the pitch. Remedy: First, talk to someone about what has worked, what hasn’t, what your real-life is currently like, what you can and are willing to do and let that person design a plan that works for YOU! One that will keep you motivated and on a path to success. Someone like…me, a Beachbody Coach. I have been a Team Beachbody Coach for 8 years. Beachbody has over 175 programs to choose from and nutrition plans that fit into your lifestyle. Please, use me as a resource, my time is free and I’d be happy to discuss a program and plan that I KNOW will work for you.
  4. It’s not so much the change but sticking with the change that’s tough. Yep, you go it, this is the most difficult part. Consistency comes from trial and error, but it also comes when you reach that point where you start FEELING better. The soreness of the first few workouts is still there, you are still experimenting with healthier food choices that taste good, but you begin to realize that that the processed, fatty and sugary foods really only taste good in your mouth. After that you feel like crap. You realize that the workout itself is challenging, but when you are done you have a new sense of confidence and feeling of accomplishment. You want more of these moments in your life and fewer moments of feeling lethargic, unfocused, depressed and average. Remedy: Here is my final tip…and yes, pitch…If you are really afraid to start, if you really don’t know how to but you do want to change, I suggest you check out Tony Horton’s newest program: P90. Tony has an amazing reputation for creating extreme workouts that have got millions of people in elite shape. P90 is Tony Horton minus the “extreme.” It is a great starting point and a perfect fitness program, if are ready to change your life. Check it out  at beachbodycoach.com/kitcaldicott or this link: https://extranet.securefreedom.com/MillionDollarBody/csShopping/ShoppingCart_Detail.asp?PriceID=985937&Cat=Trainer|Tony%20Horton&AddToCart=  then join my P90 Motivational and Support Group on Facebook by sending me a friend request and message that says: “Kit, it’s my turn, I’m ready!” We are ready to help you get started. It’s your turn :)