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How to Enjoy the Process

How to Enjoy the Process

Twelve years ago my husband and I did our first round of P90X. On day 90 we raised our arms in the air shouting; “Victory! We did it!” We had set out to accomplish a goal and had achieved it. We were done. Or were we?

I’ve coached many people over the years and have had great success helping them get to their goal weight. Once they achieve this target, many, sadly tend to go back to their old ways. The pendulum doesn’t immediately swing back in the other direction, but slowly, over time they find themselves creeping back toward old habits and feeling poorly about themselves again.

You might be a few weeks into a new health and wellness regimen and wondering: “Really? I’ve got to keep this up….forever?”

You might be wondering if you will ever put the word “enjoy” and “working out” in the same sentence.

How do you make exercise a regular part of your life?How to Enjoy the Process

Rethink Your Purpose

Most of us exercise to improve the overall quality of our life. Many people who begin an exercise regimen have had some kind of wake-up call: A poor report from their doctor, they can’t run upstairs without being completely out of breath, or they want to break a poor genetic pattern in their family history. Being able to play with your kids, be around to see your grand kids and enjoy outdoor activities that you may have never attempted, are all great incentives for exercising daily.

In an online article I read recently a personal trainer said: “There’s nothing wrong with having external or aesthetic goals, but in my experience, most clients who are able to find true, long-term success also tend to fall in love with the process itself.” I would agree. I would add that “falling in love” with the process also means accepting the journey and the ups and downs that happen along the way. Some workouts will feel pretty good, others will not go the way you expect. ALL that is good.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Barre, spinning, P90X, yoga… Which is the best way? No one solution is going to work or appeal to everyone. Every human body is different. Every personality type is different. A big part of enjoying the journey is finding the kind of fitness that appeals to you. Exercise should challenge you, but should be enjoyable to a certain degree.

When my husband and I completed our first round of P90X we felt great, but we honestly wondered if we could sustain that level of intensity day after day. That said, having been consistent over 90 days, we obtained a kind of “exercise euphoria” that we wanted to maintain. We were just ready for something different. Anything, if done repeatedly, is going to become mundane. That’s no different with exercise. To enjoy the process, you have to find new outlets. That might be including friends who will make you laugh, or playing a sport or training for a race.

Treat Your Workout Like Yoga

People who teach and do yoga on a regular basis refer to it as a “practice.” As Joe, one of the yoga teachers at the studio I attend always says: “Remember, today is about yoga practice, not yoga perfect.”

Why don’t we treat ALL our workouts like this?

If we treated every workout like a “practice” instead of like it was the championship match then we’d be less hard on ourselves if we had to grab our knees a few times or had to a walk a mile during our run. Have no expectations going into every workout. Just go into with the mindset that you will give it your best effort. This mindset is forgiving and helps me show up day after day.

Yes, my husband and I work out regularly, 6 days a week. What keeps us in the game is our ability to think in these terms:

  • we’re not doing it to outshine anyone else
  • we understand our limitations while trying to challenge ourselves
  • we never expect perfection, just our best effort
  • And the best reason of all…

We know that when we’re done, we always feel 1,000 % better than we felt before we started.

The Power of Potential

Potential, noun; “The latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.”

You have this. Everyone has this.

Potential is the easiest, most powerful starting point. It’s your opportunity to achieve any goal and obtain any dream. But, do you believe in your potential?running up stairs

Oprah Winfrey says: “You become what you believe.”

More often than not, our lack of belief in ourselves and our abilities is what holds us back. For goodness sake, give yourself more credit! I see so many women reluctant to go outside their comfort zone and try new things or hold back on fighting for what they believe because they focus too much on their weaknesses instead of working from their strengths.

Once you have a strong belief in yourself, the next step is to take ownership. Potential can only turn into success if we choose to take action. Don’t be concerned about being great or being better than someone else, just focus on being your best. Tony Horton taught me long ago that showing up is better than skipping out. I’m 51 years old, and believe me, there are many days that I want to skip my workout, but when I heed Tony’s advice and choose to strap on my sneakers and have no expectations about the outcome, I always feel better than before I started. Every good choice, even if it’s a small one, happening moment after moment and day after day adds up to building an amazing human being.

Finally, I strongly believe that passion and potential go hand-in-hand. If you care about something deeply, you can achieve it. Why does the underdog win the game? How does a 3rd round pick become the starter? How does the “C” student become the CEO of a successful company?  Answer: deep-rooted, unwavering, passion.

In summary: stop wasting your potential. Decide what you want and GO AFTER IT today.

Do you ACCEPT your life or do you LEAD your life?

This past weekend I attended a motivational workshop at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY with Tony Horton, creator of P90X and the new 22 Minute Hardcorps fitness programs.omega_2016

Have you ever attended a personal development workshop? If you haven’t, I suggest you do. It provides a wonderful opportunity to re-focus on personal goals and re-energize yourself to achieve them.

If I could sum up the learning lesson from this workshop: be proactive. Don’t allow life to come to you. Go after life and create your own memorable moments.

Now, I’ve had periods in my life when I’ve been pro-active and truly feel like I’m leading my life, but I’ve also had moments when I’ve just been accepting of my life. I’ve gone day-to-day hoping that something amazing would happen, that I’d catch a break or two and hope that life would serve me.

Instead of approaching each day going through the motions, take a different approach. Say to yourself: “Today, I’m going to make my day. I’m going to create great relationships. I’m going to build on trust.” Take control of the things you can control and lead it instead of letting it lead you. Brian Tracy said: “The turning point in life is when you discover you are responsible for it. It won’t get better unless you do something.”

So, even if you don’t have the time or money to attend a seminar like the one I attended, spend 15-30 minutes a day learing, growing yourself, improving yourself and whatever goals or desires you have will be achieved.

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