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3rd Annual Ode to the Super Bowl

Here we are. The day of the “big game.” Even if you’re not from New England or Atlanta, it’s likely you’ll be gathered on the couch in front of the flat screen. Even if you’re not a football fan they’ll be funny commercials and a half-time show to entertain you.

You’re probably thinking I’m about to tell you not to overdo it on unhealthy game food. You probably think this week’s blog is about sticking to your New Year’s resolutions. You might be anticipating a recipe for a lean turkey chili or the ingredients for a low-calorie cocktail.

This week’s blog is not about any of that.

Nor is it about which team to root for. Even I’m a bit perplexed this year. Matt Ryan attended my alma mater, Boston College and I’ve been living in Massachusetts ever since graduation rooting for the Patriots.

Today, I root for both teams. Today I root for humanity.

Today I encourage us to gather for one of the biggest events in the U.S. where we take sides and not take sides. Be like the parent of a young child watching the championship match giving kudos to the opponent. Be the person that opens their mind to consider an opposing perspective. Be the person who recognizes the goodness and the strengths of both teams.

Laugh, cajole and give others who want the other guys to win a friendly jab but not a knockout punch.

Today I am hopeful that differences are set aside, people come together, and see the good in each team and each other.

Enjoy the game.