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The Power of Potential

Potential, noun; “The latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.”

You have this. Everyone has this.

Potential is the easiest, most powerful starting point. It’s your opportunity to achieve any goal and obtain any dream. But, do you believe in your potential?running up stairs

Oprah Winfrey says: “You become what you believe.”

More often than not, our lack of belief in ourselves and our abilities is what holds us back. For goodness sake, give yourself more credit! I see so many women reluctant to go outside their comfort zone and try new things or hold back on fighting for what they believe because they focus too much on their weaknesses instead of working from their strengths.

Once you have a strong belief in yourself, the next step is to take ownership. Potential can only turn into success if we choose to take action. Don’t be concerned about being great or being better than someone else, just focus on being your best. Tony Horton taught me long ago that showing up is better than skipping out. I’m 51 years old, and believe me, there are many days that I want to skip my workout, but when I heed Tony’s advice and choose to strap on my sneakers and have no expectations about the outcome, I always feel better than before I started. Every good choice, even if it’s a small one, happening moment after moment and day after day adds up to building an amazing human being.

Finally, I strongly believe that passion and potential go hand-in-hand. If you care about something deeply, you can achieve it. Why does the underdog win the game? How does a 3rd round pick become the starter? How does the “C” student become the CEO of a successful company?  Answer: deep-rooted, unwavering, passion.

In summary: stop wasting your potential. Decide what you want and GO AFTER IT today.

Valentine’s Day, Love and Community

“Law is nothing other than a certain ordinance of reason for the common good, promulgated by the person who has the care of the community.”– Thomas Aquinasfitness community

Ah, Valentine’s Day. We love it when there is someone special in our lives. We hate it when there isn’t. Sure, being in love is important, but what about being part of something bigger to fulfill our human need of belonging? Being part of a positive community is so valuable because it provides us with a sense of cohesiveness among a group of people. As I sit here on a 14 degree day in New England, I see it withering away. Our society is moving at a faster and more detached rate due to technology, busy schedules and the frequency with which we change jobs and location. Throw in a winter season with colder temperatures and piles of snow and we become isolated in our homes, which begets a greater sense of loneliness and depression.

One example where I’ve seen the positive impact of community, people supporting and interacting positively with others who share a vested interest, is in the health and fitness challenge groups I’ve lead and been part of over the last 10 years. Changing bad habits and staying consistent with better ones is tough. Let’s face it, temptation is all around us, we all have stress in our lives and God didn’t intend for us to be perfect. It takes a village of people, coming together with common struggles, common goals and a willingness to remain open-minded and caring to change lives for the better.

Those of us that have been part of these groups would admit that we ALL struggle. We’re all tempted to skip our workouts and eat poorly and we’ve made countless mistakes. Those of us that have had more good days than bad would also attribute the people in these groups as the main reason they stay on track or bounce right back when they falter. It’s these people who inspire, motivate, empathize and help us be honest with ourselves that have helped us reach milestones to become happier, healthy humans.

Over the past 6 weeks I’ve been honored to be part of a special group. I was asked to be part of a test group for Tony Horton’s new program; 22 Minute Hardcorps. I am participating among a group of health and fitness Coaches. You’d think we wouldn’t need each other, that we’ve got this health and fitness thing wired, that we all came into it in great shape already. Wrong! It’s been oddly comforting to see that the other Coaches in this group share the same struggles as me. They want to dive into the foods they love, they are finding the workouts tough, they’ve cheated here and there…they are not perfect.

But here’s the thing: we’re all in it…together. We all have a common goal: to go through these 8 weeks following the program the best we can. We are cheering one another on, sharing our struggles, sharing our wins, leveraging our own unique strengths and celebrating each other.

Let’s face it, a strong community, whether it’s a fitness community, neighborhood, town or city benefits the individual, the community and the greater society. Our team is more positive and focused and feeds into every part of our lives. People of all ages who feel a sense of belonging tend to lead happier and healthier lives.

I would LOVE it if you’d like to be part of our next group, starting March 14th. The stronger the group, the more powerful we will be. We’ll be doing Tony’s new program, 22 Minute Hardcorps and you’ll not only have the benefit of a great community, I will provide my own personal experience with the program as an added means of support. I’m excited to try it all over again with a NEW group.

CLICK HERE to join.

Want to be part of a PRIVATE video conference with me and Tony Horton on Tuesday, February 16th at 9 pm EST? Write me at kjcaldicott@gmail.com.

#50in15 and Walking Past Mirrors

I am at the airport, gearing up for my  flight. I stop into one of those shops that sell all the items people don’t normally need or eat but suddenly feel necessary to purchase to survive travel.18aebb55b502cec5ed5f7f263504ed33

I don’t allow my eyes to settle on the candy and chocolate for too long. I go straight to the cooler to grab a one-liter bottle of Smart Water® It will force me to stay hydrated and help prevent my ankles from swelling up like balloons on this 4-hour flight. Perhaps I’ll enjoy some light reading instead of working the entire trip. I peruse the magazine section and see all the young, hot bodies on the covers of magazines like Self, Women’s Fitness and Shape. I’m tempted to purchase one of those and then I notice the magazine; More. Tea Leoni is on the cover, currently starring in the TV drama Madam Secretary.  “Wow, she looks amazing,” I think and I know she is my age. I have the quick thought that the secrets to having her skin and lean body are behind the cover, so I buy that too.

As I peruse the article about Tea Leoni, I stop on a story she tells about a comment made about her at the age of 34. She heard a director telling someone that “despite her age she was still doable.” She was not so struck by the rudeness of the comment, but her reaction to it and asked herself if she was concerned about “being doable.” At the time, she was and how can we blame her with the pressure that comes with looking a certain way to get work in her profession. However, she went on to say that was the “meanest thought she ever had about herself” and realized that chasing youth is a war one can never win.

We are women. We like to look in the mirror and see a tight rear-end, a small waist and bouncy breasts. Whether it stems from nurture or nature, women will always look in the mirror and judge what they see.

So, this blog is not only for women my age, but more important, for all you gals in your teens and twenties. Your happiness with yourself should never stem from your appearance. So much of our fulfillment is victim to the desire to stay young and desirable. I am now inches away from the half century mark and for the first time in my life I am starting to feel settled with the body that God gave me. As a Fitness Coach I know people (mostly women) will look at my pictures on my website and social media and their first thought will be about my appearance. They will make some sort of assessment, and that’s okay. It’s human nature.

My lesson to you is this: it’s important to have a passion in life, dreams and goals. It’s important to feel good about what you can do, at any age, than how you want to appear to others. Women that are attractive are those who are passionate, confident, strong, focused outward and who can laugh at themselves. For all you young girls, the person who you ultimately spend the rest of your life with and who will love and respect you, will seek these qualities.  The people who hire you and the people who follow you will seek these qualities.

I am lucky to have had a mother who taught me at a young age that I could do anything, be anything.  She encouraged me to be a leader, to work hard, and to behave in a way that earned respect. She taught me how to enhance qualities that extend beyond the mirror and ultimately I realized that it’s those qualities that make one attractive to others.

What women do you truly admire, do you truly strive to be like, that have qualities that can help you grow and be a better person? Sure, I picked up the magazine because I admired Tea Leoni’s beauty. After getting to know her by reading the article I admired her more for her turning down parts that took her away from her kids, her willingness to take risks, and her generosity.

Walk past the mirror more often and know that you are beautiful for who you are.

Welcome and Acceptance

I often write about the importance of a healthy mind, body and spirit to be able to truly live a well-balanced lifestyle. I work toward making healthy contributions to my life in all three of these areas every week.

Today is Sunday and at Mass I fulfilled the spirit. I recognized an important tie in today’s Gospel to what Jesus was telling me and what I think is important to helping others stay on a path toward better overall health.

Today, I heard Jesus saying: “Put aside your own self-interests, wounded pride and anger and welcome those back into your life out of love and compassion for a stronger sense of community and family.” He went on to say that we should “build communities that are inclusive, not exclusive: to bring the lost back, not out of pride or zealousness, but out of the debt that binds us to love one another.”

We live in a small town and often my husband and I struggle with the “everyone gets to play in the game and everyone gets a trophy” philosophy of coaching. We believe there are life lessons to be learned when you must work hard to earn your spot on a varsity team and when you learn from other kids who are simply more skilled than you are. If we lived in a larger, more competitive town, our kids certainly would not be getting the playing time in their respective sports that they do now.

On the other hand, one might say our kids are a great opportunity that so many kids today don’t get because athletics are starting at such a young age. Because our kids are given the opportunity to participate, they are active, learning to work as a team and have the opportunity to grow as leaders. My childhood was quite different from my own kids. I grew up in a town whose high school had 2,500 students (the high school my kids attend has about 400 and starts at 8th grade) and only the best of the best made the varsity team and got to play often. I was athletic and I thrived on competition so sports and being active became my thing and still is a part of my everyday life as I approach the half-century mark.

However, kids who grew up in a town like mine and struggled with their weight growing up are at a severe disadvantage in adulthood. Not just because they didn’t have a coach to teach them how to eat and move in the right way, but more because their community is not welcoming. It’s challenging to take the first step when you feel ashamed, embarrassed and shunned for your appearance and lifestyle.

Everyone should have the opportunity to change their life for the better and feel welcomed and accepted. Everyone needs to know that they CAN change for the better and create lifelong habits that will give them the energy, confidence and focus they desire.

I welcome you to join my online Motivation, Support and Accountability groups. They are simply a community of people who check in daily online to motivate and support one another to stay on track toward better overall health and wellness. EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Click on the link below  or cut and paste into your URL and let’s talk, find a plan for you and get you involved.