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The Power of Potential

Potential, noun; “The latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness.”

You have this. Everyone has this.

Potential is the easiest, most powerful starting point. It’s your opportunity to achieve any goal and obtain any dream. But, do you believe in your potential?running up stairs

Oprah Winfrey says: “You become what you believe.”

More often than not, our lack of belief in ourselves and our abilities is what holds us back. For goodness sake, give yourself more credit! I see so many women reluctant to go outside their comfort zone and try new things or hold back on fighting for what they believe because they focus too much on their weaknesses instead of working from their strengths.

Once you have a strong belief in yourself, the next step is to take ownership. Potential can only turn into success if we choose to take action. Don’t be concerned about being great or being better than someone else, just focus on being your best. Tony Horton taught me long ago that showing up is better than skipping out. I’m 51 years old, and believe me, there are many days that I want to skip my workout, but when I heed Tony’s advice and choose to strap on my sneakers and have no expectations about the outcome, I always feel better than before I started. Every good choice, even if it’s a small one, happening moment after moment and day after day adds up to building an amazing human being.

Finally, I strongly believe that passion and potential go hand-in-hand. If you care about something deeply, you can achieve it. Why does the underdog win the game? How does a 3rd round pick become the starter? How does the “C” student become the CEO of a successful company?  Answer: deep-rooted, unwavering, passion.

In summary: stop wasting your potential. Decide what you want and GO AFTER IT today.

Beat the Odds, Join the Team Beachbody Challenge!

Hello Team,
My apologies for taking a week off, back on track this week!

This week’s tip: Join the Beachbody Challenge!
Last week I had the pleasure of attending a Tony Horton event at our alma mater, Trumbull High School in Trumbull, CT. Over 300 people attended to workout with Tony and hear his inspirational words.

I never get tired of hearing my big brother speak and I jump at the chance to have him kick my butt I a workout. The main reason I attend these events is to be surrounded and inspired by the people who have overcome great adversity and achieve amazing success with their own health.

While Tony was having his picture taken with the plethora of people who waited patiently in line, he paused to get the room’s attention at least 10 times. Each time was for the purpose of announcing someone’s weight loss. These were significant numbers: 150 lbs, 100 lbs, 75 lbs, 50 lbs, 45 lbs….it went on and on. These people, with Tony’s help and with the help of the Beachbody community got their lives back, plain and simple.

So, you may not be aware, but Beachbody rewards this amazing effort….with CASH! Beachbody knows what a tremendous amount of focus and effort being healthy on a daily basis takes. They want to reward you for that effort and I encourage you to enter the Beachbody Challenge. Even if you think you could never win, even if money doesn’t motivate you, even if you think you might have a misstep along the way…do this! It’s an opportunity to keep you on track, meet others who face the same challenges you do and take ONE step in a direction that will reward you for your effort.

What can you win do you ask? How about $100,000! Yes, this will be awarded to two grand prize winners. In addition you have a chance at:
• Daily Prizes: $500 just for logging your workouts in the WOWY SuperGym® after you Commit to Get Fit or Submit Your Results.
• Quarterly Prizes: $5,000 and an expenses-paid trip
• Bonus prizes for drinking Shakeology® during your transformation.
Do you know of anyone else who would do this for you? Does your personal trainer do this? Would your gym do this? My goodness, what have you got to lose?? (A whole lotta weight that you don’t need, that’s what!)
And, I forgot the most important part: AS YOUR COACH I WILL HELP YOU!!
Great achievements are never done alone, everyone needs some help and that is my role. You want me to push you? I will. You want me to encourage you? I will. You have questions? I answer them. You want a plan? I’ll give you one.

So, go to this link now:
http://www.teambeachbody.com/connect/beachbody-challenge and sign on!!

My accountability to you….last week’s results and this week’s plan:

Last week:
Sunday: Ran 4.5 miles at 6pm
Monday: Tony Horton 30/15 Routine and Ab Ripper X at 5:15 am
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning at 7 pm
Thursday: Insanity Cardio Intervals at 7 am
Friday: Tony Horton Upper Body X at 7 am
Saturday: Power Yoga at 10 am
Today: Tony Horton Base and Back and Abs Core Plus at 7 am

This week’s plan:
Monday: Tony Horton Upper Body Balance and Ab Ripper X, 5:15 am
Tuesday: Tony Horton PAP, 5:15 am
Wednesday: Tony Horton Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper X, 5:15 am
Thursday: Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit, 5:15 am
Friday: Tony Horton Base and Back, 7 am
Saturday: Bikram Yoga, 8 am
Sunday: REST!!