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How to Survive a Setback

We all encounter setbacks and they occur for a variety of reasons. An injury, a busy time at work, or just lack of motivation to get back into a consistent workout and clean eating routine. We often know what to do to get back on track, but we let other things take over. Here are a few things I’ve learned having suffered many setbacks over the years.

Make a Decision. It’s frustrating when we get injured or simply find ourselves at the end of a busy week or month having not done any exercise. When a setback occurs, understand that we ALWAYS have options.  We can let the setback defeat us or we can dust ourselves off and keep going. We can remain disappointed in what has happened or we can get off our butt and determine how to get past it. It’s a natural tendency to feel bad about the outcome. At the age of 51, I’ve had my share of injuries. I’m just not bouncing back as quickly as I used to, even with the right rehab regimen. I have a choice. I can sit around and mope about what’s occurred or I can feel good about determining the next steps that will keep me moving forward. NEVER carry a disappointment over to the next day. Go to bed with the belief that tomorrow you are going to get up with a new beginning and a new opportunity for moving in the right direction. Each day is a chance at a new beginning. But first, make the decision to move forward, to overcome and to conquer.

Take Action, immediately. This is the tough part. When a setback occurs the first thing you need to determine is what’s going to get you back on track and moving forward. As Tony Horton says: “If the bottom half is injured, work on the top half” and vice versa.  What alternative type of exercise can I do that won’t make the injury worse? What alternative methods of exercise can I do that will still make me feel good and allow the injury to heal? Maybe use an injury as an opportunity to dial-in your nutrition. What is your plan B?  In the case of unforeseen setbacks, the quick creation of a plan B is vital to success. Setbacks can only be addressed through action and the faster the action, the faster the resolution.

Focus on the Future and Learn from the Past.  Keep your eye on the prize and on that desired future outcome. When I start coaching people I often ask them to write down their “why” for getting healthy.  I tell them that their why can’t be aesthetically focused.  The desire to simply look good doesn’t keep you track.  Your why has to be that true reason for getting healthy, the reasons that will pull you through on your toughest days. Maybe you’ve seen your loved ones suffer with bad health and you don’t want that to be you. Maybe you are parent and you fear not being around to see your child graduate or get married. Whatever your reason, take the time to think deeply about it. Write it down. Put it in a place where you can always pull it out when the setback occurs.  Your “why” is what helps you overcome setbacks.

In the same respect, don’t dwell on the past, learn from it. I go through periods when I start eating sugar and continue for days and weeks on end. I am a true addict; once I start on the path of eating sugar I have a difficult time stopping. The periods when I am successful overcoming this challenge are when I pause and think about the past. Like most addicts we want the high and forget the consequences of the high. When I stop and really think about how cruddy I will feel the hour following what I ate, I am less likely to give into temptation.

Believe in Yourself. This is probably the most important message I can convey. Have you ever met and spent time talking with someone who has lost 30, 40, 50, 100 plus pounds? They will tell you that for years they felt that was how they were meant to be—overweight and obese. They will tell you that once they took the steps described above they started to move in the right direction. They will tell you that the turning point toward making progress was the true belief they could succeed. Every moment they had to make a choice they would repeat affirmations in their head such as; “I can get through this, I can overcome this, I can do this, I will not be defeated, I will achieve my goal.” Every person has a chance at getting their health and life back. Everyone CAN succeed. The more belief and positive attitude you have, the more power you give yourself to overcome the big and the little setbacks and the faster you move forward toward reaching your goals.

Even Fit People Get Injured….and it stinks for them too.

That’s me on the right. Here is how I got to this point: Lying in bed looking over at my hunk of a husband and our big lab at the foot of our bed I said; “Hey honey, I think I want to join you on your morning run through the trails with the dog this morning. Then, we can relax and get a cup of coffee.” photo

On went the sneakers on this perfect May morning, into the car all three of us went. I stretched and felt SO great that I was outside on this warm, overcast day. The trail route is about two miles and we planned to do two laps. As we started out I felt GREAT, darting over rocks and roots like an agile football player avoiding tackles. My wind felt good, my calves felt good (for all those that know me I’ve had problems with them on and off). Lap one, done. As we entered the trail again my husband turned around to say; “Now watch your footing this time, you are may be tired and you may slip.” Famous last words…As we got about one quarter the way into lap two I still felt good, darting, jumping, pivoting. On a flat downhill all of a sudden my right ankle just turned under me…hard. If there was anyone within five miles they would have heard the screaming, angry wails from this almost 48 year-old women. You’d think I was just shot or something, but dang, it KILLED and I was PISSED!

I am competitive. Most folks who know me know how much I don’t like to lose. When I was young my parents thought I might have an ulcer before my high school graduation because I expected perfection at everything I did. Even today at age 47 I get angry when my fitness falls off or I can’t keep up with the twenty-somethings in the Insanity DVDs. As I sit here now with my foot up, blown up and covered in a big ol’ bag of ice I am still a bit angry. This just completely put a wrench in my day. There was so much I had planned and then God had to throw me a curve ball.

So, here I am thinking about my own advice to someone who got injured and trying to truly process it and take it to heart.

Step One: Get over it. So you got hurt. So you were on the upswing and feeling really good and losing weight and making progress. It stinks, but stuff like this happens. And because you came into the injury as pretty fit person, it’s likely you might heal faster.

Step Two: Don’t try to be a super hero. I am sitting here thinking of all the different types of workouts that I can or should do to stay on track that doesn’t involve my ankle. I’ve learned from Tony Horton and other fitness fanatics that when one half of the body isn’t working to work the other half. Listen, if you are as dedicated as I am and a pretty good athlete, I think you should change that tune a bit. It’s okay to rest and just focus on a clean diet. That fit body will bounce back and be there when you get back. (But let’s be real, you know I’m going to keep working out.)

Step Three: Don’t let it filter into the rest of your life. You can just imaging the mood I’ve been in today. It is also the day before Mother’s Day and I have acted poorly using the injury and this holiday to put a big guilt trip on my kids. Nobody likes that person who is putting their issues on everyone else. Don’t do what I did. Accept help that’s offered gracefully but, don’t guilt people into it.

As a person who is achievement-oriented I’ve always been someone who is focused on the finish line and not on the journey. How do I get the task done? When is the deadline for this project? What do I need to accomplish today? What can I check off my to-do list?

Gosh, it makes you lose sight of so much doesn’t it? So, maybe God did play a hand in today and gave me something that I needed to handle. I will do my best to take it in stride and not think about how soon I can get back in the game but how to refocus while sitting on the sidelines.