How to Survive a Setback

We all encounter setbacks and they occur for a variety of reasons. An injury, a busy time at work, or just lack of motivation to get back into a consistent workout and clean eating routine. We often know what to do to get back on track, but we let other things take over. Here are a few things I’ve learned having suffered many setbacks over the years.


Kit What Do You Eat?

Emotional Well-Being

3rd Annual Ode to the Super Bowl

Here we are. The day of the “big game.” Even if you’re not from New England or Atlanta, it’s likely you’ll be gathered on the couch in front of the flat screen.

Emotional Well-Being

Off to a Slow Start?

It’s January 15th. Have you made any progress toward this year’s goals? Yes? Great! No? Well, you’re not alone.

Physical Well-Being

Progress Comes with a Push and Positive Influences

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