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One Man’s Journey to Better Health

This is the exact post that a member of my team posted in our online motivation and support group just last week. If you think you can’t change, read this. Then, let’s talk to help you get started.

A question I get often is, “What did you take out of your diet?” usually followed by “What will you eat when you’re done?” I know these seem harmless, but I’ve been on a road to fitness for a long time with many bumps in the road along the way.

This time around I’m realizing my view on food was kind of whacked. I ate when I was happy, I ate when I was sad, I ate to be social, I craved every kind of chocolate, donuts, cookies, chips, and ice cream and didn’t deprive my cravings. Only to wake up on the eve of my 50’s and see a man in the mirror I didn’t recognize.

Now here I am 53, nearly 6 years into my journey and 5 days from a body building competition. Are you kidding me?!

Never ever in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that first round of P90x would lead me here.

I also get this, “well at least you’re fit, so it’s easy for you.” I chuckle at that also. This was most definitely not the case and if you are just starting your journey, please hear me, IT IS WORTH IT!

I’ve increased my fitness and nutrition knowledge and now both my outlook and taste buds are different.

So, what have I taken out of my diet? Well here is a short list: high blood pressure pills, high cholesterol pills, Prilosec OTC, Tums, three month blood pressure checkups, just to name a few.

You see I think I was a “food-aholic” and it almost got me. I still recall the doctor telling me I was not healthy enough to exercise, oh my! I have cut out most processed foods, but I can’t say I miss them. I didn’t just cut them out, I gradually replaced them with smarter choices as I figured those voices (choices) out.

Will I ever have a pizza again or ice cream or M&M’s? Maybe, but now I don’t miss them, think about them, or crave them. Actually that kind of food doesn’t taste “right” any more and often even a small bite will make me a little sick to my stomach. I would rather not eat than eat what I see as junk or at the very least extremely low nutritionally dense highly processed chemically infused taste bud confusing food.

In fact, check out what I do eat. This is a picture of my lunch today. I actually couldn’t eat it all. So I have lunch for tomorrow.

By the way, I’m never hungry and eat a ton of food! Along my journey I’ve learned to cook, season, count macros, and make incredibly nutritionally dense low glycemic index taste bud thrilling meals with no oil, cheese, dressing, ketchup, mayo, or bread.

Yes it takes about a month to detox your taste buds and body and yes you will feel like crap. Then comes the amazingly satisfying feeling that comes after eating a healthy meal. Imagine how crappy you feel after eating a large pizza or bowl of ice cream or whatever your less than healthy indulgence is. Well, the exact opposite sensation is also there when you treat your body to healthy food. It really is amazing!

I eat salad dry because lettuce variations, vegetables, mushrooms, tomatoes actually taste good! I love eggs, oatmeal, fruit, all kinds of fish, chicken, steak, turkey, and sweat potatoes are awesome! In short, I’ve added far more to my diet than what I’ve taken out.

I know the old me is still there. Facebook time hops remind me almost daily. However, I’m having the time of my life and that positive reinforcement fuels my desire to keep old me old and let the new me keep going.


BEST Before and Afters

What Were You Afraid of Before You Started and What’s Different Now?

I asked everyone in my motivation and accountability group to answer this question. Why? Because I’m so proud of what they’ve achieved. So many have been on a  positive path toward health and wellness for weeks, months and some…years. To my surprise almost 30 people responded to the question. I’ve provided a sampling of the responses I received.

See if their reasons for fear of starting resonate with you.

More important, listen to what has changed, how they overcame that fear and why they stick with it now.

As the saying goes, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar

“12 years ago when I lost 60 pounds, I had started and quit so many times. I had put on so much weight over the years and was resigned to the fact that women in my family just got big after having babies. I think in some sad way I just wanted to stay in my self-fulfilling prophecy…”see? It doesn’t work for me. I’m the exception to the rule.” It took seeing a picture of my backside after my 2nd child’s birth to decide that I wasn’t going to follow in the footsteps of the women in my family. My fear went from being afraid to try something new/change my lifestyle to being afraid of staying in that horrible place for the rest of my life. I guess you could say that I flipped my fear around to push myself forward. Today, the rewards are just too great to not keep it up. It’s second nature now.” – Heather L.

“I think my fear was not being able to keep up. What I really love about the Beachbody programs is the modification that is shown, and quite frankly, encouraged if things get sloppy. I find no matter which origami I use, I require modification. But I’ve come to terms with it, accept it and try to get better. In the end it really is the proper form that gives the results and keeps the injuries at bay. My daughter commented yesterday that I enjoy working out; to which I responded, yes I do.” – Joe V.

“I owned P90X for several years before I had the nerve to try it. It took something scarier, my dad being diagnosed with lung cancer, to start it. I quickly learned that exercise was my mental medicine. After years of doing various Beachbody programs, I still was intimidated. It wasn’t until this group and 22 Minute Hardcorps that I finally realized my best effort on any given day was enough. It wasn’t whether I could do Dreya rolls or gorilla crawls – it was that I tried. Wow – 52 is never too late to learn about yourself!!” – Jill D.

“My fear starting my first round of P90x (many years ago) was disappointing myself. I feared being so physically inept that I would just give up on myself. Thanks to Tony I didn’t. His humor and coaching helped me find that fearless athlete again. Fast forward to now: At 54 years young my fear has changed. I fear feeling apathetic, weak, tired and old. I never want to go back there. That doesn’t mean there aren’t days I dread it. I just know in the end it will help me feel better, stronger, kinder, more patient and loving. It helps me be the best version of myself. So I talk myself into it when I’m feeling tired, lazy and apathetic. The alternative is far worse. Thanks for asking!” – Julie B.

“I imagine it comes down to fear of the unknown mostly, Kit. Wondering how your body will do. For me, in the past, I was occasionally hesitant with really intense cardio because of only having the one lung. But NOW, I go full steam ahead and literally pause the program when I need to catch a few more breaths than the average bear – sometimes I need to pause it more than once. On those days, I am grateful I am at home working out (because I can pause it (unlike at a gym class) and I can maybe even cry a little. But I only pause and then I jump right back in. Never quitting, just pausing to find my breath. – Ilona K.

“I wasn’t an athlete growing up, so I think I was afraid of looking like I was trying to be something I’m not. Some of the athletes in high school were mean to the non-athletes like me. Turns out that I’m much more capable than I ever dreamed, and I wish I had known then that I it’s OK to try. Now, the only “fear” I have is really more like dread if on the schedule is a workout that I already know is going to wipe me out. But I still do it because I always feel better afterward.” – Carly P.

“Three years ago today I moved 500 miles from my hometown and left everything I knew behind. The life change wasn’t all bad but I did feel very isolated. I gained 20-23 pounds after having been a very fit person for most of my adult life. I was devastated by the way I felt and I no longer wanted to do much. I was afraid I could not fight hard enough to get back to normal. I attempted several times to start and then life would hand me a setback. In November of 2016 I put myself out there so to speak, scared of rejection, to see if anyone would want to work out with me on my neighborhood page. One person responded. We started working out together three days a week and I started to find joy and accountability in my workouts. I’m now within 5-8 pounds of where I think I need to be, but I’m actually ok with whatever I weigh now because I feel strong and confident and I have joy.” – Misty P.

 “For me I think it was like a lot of people “fear of the unknown” that kept me from starting P90X specifically (I’m now on my 4th round and done many other Beachbody programs). I had heard it was “extreme” and I wasn’t in the best shape at that point in my life so without getting the facts on what was really involved and how you could modify, I just kept on NOT doing it (even though a friend had a copy he said I could use any time…that coincidently he never started for the same reason! Haha). I finally got to a point in life where I knew I needed change so I just woke up one day and said “I’m going to do it!”
I wish I had made that decision way earlier but that’s life. Now a day isn’t properly started without a Beachbody workout of some kind to get me going.” -Eric A.

“When I started my first round of P90x I was afraid I was not capable of doing or finishing a program like that. I could barely do a push-up on my knees. In the past, I just fluttered back and forth from various workouts with long breaks in between when I let excuses get the best of me. Some people around me tried to discourage me saying I was going to look too manly lifting weights, but I am glad I did not listen. Little did I know that I would be hooked and actually look forward to my workouts. Best choice ever.” –Julie K

“Day 0 feeing: Can I do this for 30, 60, 90 days. Can I commit? Can I do it without getting injured? Multiple rounds later: knowing my body and knowing the difference between going 200% balls to the walls 24/7 and knowing when to pace myself and realize it’s not a race and each movement of each exercise of every workout total the sum of all parts for a better life of fit happiness. All this has proven to keep my body happy and injury-free.” Tony C.

“Humility. I had to come to grips that I didn’t know what I was doing.” – Kevin S.

Need to wipe away the fear? Message me. We’ve got room in our group and I can provide a personalized plan.

Accountability Cropped

Show Compassion to Get Others to Commit

When the people on my team start feeling the benefits of regular exercise and clean eating, a common question I get asked is: “How can I get my spouse/kids/family to join me?”

When I work with managers teaching coaching and leadership skills one of the most common questions I hear is: “How do you motivate that negative person who doesn’t want to meet you half-way?”

I think the answer to both questions is similar even though the circumstances are slightly different.

In both instances we want the people in our lives to understand our perspective, to succeed and to ultimately, be happy.

I don’t claim to be an expert on this topic, but I can share what I’ve learned from my own experience while seeking the advice of many other experts.

  1. We can’t force our passion on anyone else. When it comes to making changes in behavior whether it’s with health and wellness or achieving career goals, it has to come from within. We can’t push others to take actions we’ve taken no matter how passionate we are about them. All we can do is continue to model desired behaviors, walk the talk and let them know we will be there to provide support and motivation when they’re ready to take the first step.
  2. Come from a place of sincere compassion and caring. In the workshops I lead we ask participants to think of a person in their life who’s had a positive influence on them. People often think of relatives, current or former bosses or athletic coaches. We give them a minute to brainstorm as many qualities or characteristics that made that person a great coach or mentor for them. The words that rise to the top are: caring, honest, integrity, listener. When you lead with your heart instead of your head you’re on the right path toward building trust.
  3. Seek to understand first before offering insights. Zig Ziglar once said: “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.” Trouble is we spend more time trying to get people to see and do things our way, rather than helping them achieve what they want out of life. The next time you’re tempted to get your spouse to join you during your workout or you want to teach a team member to approach a work task in the same way you would, stop and attempt to understand things from their point of view. Simple questions like: How can I help or what do you need or want to achieve? May get some new insight into how you can add value to them.


The bottom line: Be interested in others, tell them why you believe in them and value them for who they are. With time, you might be surprised by the results you’ll get.

survive a setback

How to Survive a Setback

We all encounter setbacks and they occur for a variety of reasons. An injury, a busy time at work, or just lack of motivation to get back into a consistent workout and clean eating routine. We often know what to do to get back on track, but we let other things take over. Here are a few things I’ve learned having suffered many setbacks over the years.

Make a Decision. It’s frustrating when we get injured or simply find ourselves at the end of a busy week or month having not done any exercise. When a setback occurs, understand that we ALWAYS have options.  We can let the setback defeat us or we can dust ourselves off and keep going. We can remain disappointed in what has happened or we can get off our butt and determine how to get past it. It’s a natural tendency to feel bad about the outcome. At the age of 51, I’ve had my share of injuries. I’m just not bouncing back as quickly as I used to, even with the right rehab regimen. I have a choice. I can sit around and mope about what’s occurred or I can feel good about determining the next steps that will keep me moving forward. NEVER carry a disappointment over to the next day. Go to bed with the belief that tomorrow you are going to get up with a new beginning and a new opportunity for moving in the right direction. Each day is a chance at a new beginning. But first, make the decision to move forward, to overcome and to conquer.

Take Action, immediately. This is the tough part. When a setback occurs the first thing you need to determine is what’s going to get you back on track and moving forward. As Tony Horton says: “If the bottom half is injured, work on the top half” and vice versa.  What alternative type of exercise can I do that won’t make the injury worse? What alternative methods of exercise can I do that will still make me feel good and allow the injury to heal? Maybe use an injury as an opportunity to dial-in your nutrition. What is your plan B?  In the case of unforeseen setbacks, the quick creation of a plan B is vital to success. Setbacks can only be addressed through action and the faster the action, the faster the resolution.

Focus on the Future and Learn from the Past.  Keep your eye on the prize and on that desired future outcome. When I start coaching people I often ask them to write down their “why” for getting healthy.  I tell them that their why can’t be aesthetically focused.  The desire to simply look good doesn’t keep you track.  Your why has to be that true reason for getting healthy, the reasons that will pull you through on your toughest days. Maybe you’ve seen your loved ones suffer with bad health and you don’t want that to be you. Maybe you are parent and you fear not being around to see your child graduate or get married. Whatever your reason, take the time to think deeply about it. Write it down. Put it in a place where you can always pull it out when the setback occurs.  Your “why” is what helps you overcome setbacks.

In the same respect, don’t dwell on the past, learn from it. I go through periods when I start eating sugar and continue for days and weeks on end. I am a true addict; once I start on the path of eating sugar I have a difficult time stopping. The periods when I am successful overcoming this challenge are when I pause and think about the past. Like most addicts we want the high and forget the consequences of the high. When I stop and really think about how cruddy I will feel the hour following what I ate, I am less likely to give into temptation.

Believe in Yourself. This is probably the most important message I can convey. Have you ever met and spent time talking with someone who has lost 30, 40, 50, 100 plus pounds? They will tell you that for years they felt that was how they were meant to be—overweight and obese. They will tell you that once they took the steps described above they started to move in the right direction. They will tell you that the turning point toward making progress was the true belief they could succeed. Every moment they had to make a choice they would repeat affirmations in their head such as; “I can get through this, I can overcome this, I can do this, I will not be defeated, I will achieve my goal.” Every person has a chance at getting their health and life back. Everyone CAN succeed. The more belief and positive attitude you have, the more power you give yourself to overcome the big and the little setbacks and the faster you move forward toward reaching your goals.


Stop Judging Yourself

It’s the opening moments of yoga class and we are asked to “set our intention.”  Instead, I start judging myself as I look at my reflection in the mirror. “I’ve put on weight. My hips and thighs are looking larger. Look at how wrinkly my skin is.” In a matter of seconds I size myself up and compare my body to other women in class.

So much for setting a positive intention for class.

I speak a lot about not letting the scale run your life and to resist comparing yourself to others or to a fitter, younger version of yourself. We are all human after all, and it’s difficult, even for me, not to fall into that comparison trap.

After a few moments of letting my mind wander, I snap out of it. I remind myself that no matter what happens today, I’m here. I showed up. My intention: stay on your own mat. Be the best I can be today. Accept whatever happens today, good or bad. And, then I’m reminded of Proverbs 14:30:

A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot.

Envy, jealousy, they are evil emotions. We have a tendency to let other people and other things in our lives prevent us from even getting started. Everyone, including me and the people in my motivation and accountability group all had a “Day Zero” and we’ve all had setbacks in our lives. Our motto: to continue to show up and thrive so the good days outnumber the not-so-good.

The most difficult part of change is making a commitment to do something differently and taking the first step…without expectations and without judgement. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Set your intention just for today. Don’t worry about tomorrow and stop living in the past. Take things one-day-a-time. You might be surprised at how one day turns into 7, and then 30 and then 90.

I’m starting a new group on Monday, February 27th. The workouts are just 22 minutes long and there will be plenty of good, clean food to eat. There will be no judgement just positive support. If you’re ready for your Day Zero to turn into Day One, comment below.

I leave you with this post from Jenn A. I met Jenn a few years ago at the National Team Beachbody Summit. She’s been part of my online support and accountability group ever since. I draw strength from her and from so many others in our group every day.

“It will be 9 years in March that I made the decision to get stronger. I had already lost 40+ lbs with weight watchers but I was weak as water and headed straight into osteoporosis as a young woman. I thought then and there I was not going to be like my granny (God love her soul) and be fracturing my spine by just rolling over in my bed. I started P90X from the couch guys… Was I intimidated? HECK YES!!! But with determination I went from zero to P90X! I could barely eek out 1 push up from my toes but Tony said that was okay: “Do your best and forget the rest… “Which is what I did. Now at 46 I’m much stronger than I was at 36….or even 26!”

Weekly Mind, Body, and Spirit Fitness Tip and Accountability from Tony Horton’s Sister, Kit

How Fitness, Faith and Mindfulness Brings Friends and Families Closer

It’s Spring and that equates to a bit of craziness in the Caldicott household. Dance recitals, baseball playoffs, track meets, soccer tournaments, 1st communions, graduation ceremonies, and teenagers stressed by final exams are just some of the items that fill our calendar. I’ve noticed that over the past few weeks our family has become so focused on what needs to get done and where everyone needs to be that we’ve distanced ourselves from each other and from the outside world.

Thankfully, the one event we do together is attending our Sunday service. This morning’s service was particularly inspirational—so much so that even my teenagers
commented on the words of our priest as we exited church. Today is the Feast of
the Holy Trinity for Christians. Our priest began by talking about how we all
tend to distance ourselves from others. He joked about how difficult it is to
get a human being on the phone with you call a business and how little we tend
to know or care about our closest friends and family these days. The Holy
Trinity means God is a three-Person but one God, a Triune God on which our
faith is firmly anchored. God communicated Himself and the Trinitarian family
to mankind in a language that could be felt, touched, heard, and easily
understood. The essence of today’s celebration is understanding that He cares for us and is not a distant God. Through Jesus Christ, God also revealed his main attribute which is love. “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son” (Jn 3:16). Jesus further said: “If anyone loves Me, he will keep my word. Then my Father will love him and We shall…make our dwelling place with him” (Jn 14,23).

Love is the bond that unites the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Thus the more we
practice love, the more we live the Trinity not as an incomprehensible mystery,
but as a living, vibrant reality. Isn’t it funny then that so often when life
takes over we don’t focus on outwardly love? Simple compliments, acts of
kindness and gestures that can have a hugely positive impact on someone’s day
go by the wayside because we are so focused on ourselves.

This week, I offer some ideas to strengthen your family unit and yourself in Mind,
Body, and Spirit in celebration of the Holy Trinity.

  1. Exercise together. (Well you know I was going to say this, didn’t you?!!) But
    seriously I have heard countless stories from couples and families who’ve told
    me that when they starting focusing on their health TOGETHER and supported and encouraged one another TOGETHER,  they not only got great results but they became closer to one another and their love for each other was strengthened. Just this morning I heard from a friend who was inspired to go out for a run in the rain because her daughter inspired her by doing the same. Last week I heard from a couple who said their marriage was stronger than ever (and yes, the sex life too) because they’ve been doing P90X
    together and  lost a combined 50 lbs. Even I got an hour of quality time with my 15 year-old because he joined me in doing the P90X Chest and Back routine. We joked and struggled together during that hour and as a mom of a teenage boy, you may know how precious that time was to me.
  2. Actively celebrate your faith together. Yes, there are many weeks when my
    kids will complain about taking an hour out each week to attend our Sunday
    service. Kids want constant stimulation and to be entertained, and let’s face
    it, church is not always stimulating 😉 However, I remind them that it is the
    one hour per week when we can truly give thanks to God for all that we are
    blessed with and to pray for those that are less fortunate than us. Our faith
    is not just celebrated under the roof of a building with a cross above. It is
    celebrated in the choices we make and how we behave every day. It is celebrated
    by having discussions with our kids about what the scripture means and how it
    impacts our lives. It is celebrated when we are in the car talking with our
    teenager about life. My kids have many friends who don’t have a faith at all.
    They joke that they are agnostic. I truly find that so sad. Your faith, not
    matter what it is, is the compass that steers you through life.
  3. Expand your mind and learn together. This is an area that doesn’t take
    a big trip to a museum or involvement in a book club. There is a big world out
    there and especially for teenagers, their lives can become consumed by their
    studies and their after school activities. Sure, they are learning a lot in
    school, but I also feel it’s critical to expose them to things that teach them
    life lessons and help them keep an open mind. Even adults can get caught up in
    their own filters of how they view the world and judge other people and it’s
    important for us to do things that help us become more objective. We carpool
    with another family to my son’s club soccer practices and games. Often these are
    long rides in the car. When our son is riding in the car with this other
    family, they listen to NPR (National Public Radio).  They listen, discuss, debate and laugh about
    the great programs that public radio has to offer. Wow, getting your teenager
    away from a pop music station even for 10 minute is worth it!! We also love to watch the History Channel and shows that teach us about other parts of the world. Or, how about allowing everyone to take a section of the Sunday newspaper and have each person tell the family something interesting they read? Whatever you do, take the time to become closer by learning something new together.

My Weekly Accountability Plan to You

My Beachbody 21-day Reset ended last Tuesday. I’m still eating clean and continue
to make many of the recipes I discovered through the Reset. Here is my workout report
from last week and workout plan for this week:

Wednesday: P90X Chest and Back, 5am–DONE

Thursday: 3 mile run at the track, 8 100
yard sprints and 10 sets, 15 each ab work, 6pm–DONE

Friday: P90X Plus Upper Body Plus and Abs Core Plus, 6pm–DONE

Saturday: Hot Power Yoga, 10 am–DONE

Today: Insanity Pure Cardio, 7 am–DONE

Monday: TH One-on-One Series 30/15 Routine and P90X Ab Ripper, 7 am

Tuesday: P90X Plus Intervals, 5:00 am

Wednesday: P90X-2 Shoulders and Arms, 5:00 am

Thursday: Insanity Plyo Cardio Circuit or go
for 4.5 mile run, 5:00 am

Friday: P90X Legs and Back and Ab Ripper, 7:00 am

Saturday: Bikram Hot Yoga, 8 am and potential UML workout at Boston P90X Certification


Weekly Mind, Body, and Spirit Tip from Tony Horton’s sister, Kit Horton Caldicott

Lasting Health Takes Hard Work and the rewards are worth it

“Flat abs fast.”

“Your 20-minute plan to get sexy, slim and summer-ready!”

“Blast 300 calories in 20 minutes.”

These were the headlines screaming at me as I waited in line to pay for my groceries
today. Although I like to read Shape, Fitness and Self Magazine for new exercise moves or recipes, it kills me that they draw people in with headlines
that promise better health with a quick fix.

We are tempted and drawn toward the easy way. We want to avoid pain and aggravation. We look for the latest advances in medicine, diet and exercise that can turn back the clock and make us happy, thin, well balanced individuals. The truth of
the matter is that balance in body, mind or spirit often requires that we
experience challenge, heartache and disappointment.

Ever had a less-than-favorable opinion of someone when your first get to know them? Many of us have. For others we’ve also had the benefit of experiencing conflict with
that same person. The reason I use the word “benefit” is because after coming
back out on the other side of that conflict we learn a lot—about ourselves and
the other person. We have a greater appreciation for their behavior, why it is
and might even find that the reason for the conflict is because you and the other
person are a lot alike! “To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink…” Romans 12:20

For everyone who has lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off for two years or
more, they would tell you that the healthy lifestyle they’ve finally found did
not come without a lot of struggle. They will also tell you that they tried the
“latest things” and got only short-term results.

This week’s blog doesn’t provide quick tips or happy news. I’m shooting straight from the hip this week to tell you that lifelong change is hard. Lasting, meaningful
relationships with others take work. Strong faith is often tested.

Let’s take better health. So many people don’t realize how fast time flies by. They wake
up one morning, look in the mirror and wonder where that overweight, unhealthy,
tired person came from. In most cases that bad health has been building for 10
years or more. You just can’t expect it to come off in a few weeks or even 90
days doing P90X. Lasting health takes daily disciplines, it takes challenging,
hard workouts and it requires giving up certain foods that not only put weight
on your body but endanger your health. Workouts need to be a little tough and
craving for foods that you yearn should be strong. But you must do the work and
have the discipline to move beyond the craving. “In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty.” Proverbs 14:23

I wish I had the magic pill. I wish I could tell you that just doing 10 minutes of working
out or walking would get you in peak health. Even 10-Minute trainer is designed
for three 10-minute intervals throughout the day. Walking and doing just 10
minutes per day are great starting points. If your body isn’t changing the way
you want after changing your habits for three months take a long look at
yourself in the mirror and ask: Am I really doing the work? Am I really giving
up the foods and beverages that I know are not good for me? Know that If do all
this the rewards are huge. You not only get the body you want but you feel good
ALL THE TIME. You have more energy, you are more focused…you are happy.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Update

Today marks my 18th day of the 21-day plan. My words this week were pointed
directly back at me! Yes, this has been work and yes, I have made my share of
mistakes. For those of you who are not aware, the Beachbody Ultimate Reset is a
21-day complete health eating plan and supplementation plan to truly “reset”
your body back to a healthy state. It does require discipline in eating and
planning. Each week you gradually eliminate the foods that our bodies simply
can’t process well.

Just as I said above, the work has truly reaped great rewards:

  • I’m sleeping great and for a woman in pre-menopause
    this is a HUGE benefit
  • I feel lighter and more alert most of the time—I’ve lost 8 lbs
  • I’ve got a complete cooking lesson on how to make delicious, healthy, completely clean meals. Most of the meals I have not been able to finish because the portions are huge!
  • I have a whole new set of recipes that are really tasty and that I can feel good about eating
  • I’ve introduced my family to new foods that are good for them and that they actually like!
  • I’ve created new disciplines on how to work through cravings

If you’d like more information about the Beachbody Ultimate Reset write me or go to

Weekly MInd, Body, and Spirit Health and Fitness Tip from Tony Horton’s sister, Kit Horton Caldicott

When Trying to Find a Balance Between a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit…Who is Your Idol?

I’m a mom of three; two teenagers and on 11 year-old. Most kids have idols
and we hope that they choose someone who is ethical, admirable and
inspirational. Many of my kids’ idols are amateur or professional athletes and
I’m proud that they research the individual to find out more about who they are
as person beyond their athletic milestones and records. An idol is someone who
ideally embodies positive leadership and ethical traits.

One my idols is Dara Torres. “Torres, who turned 45 on April 15, is also a favorite to make her sixth Olympic team in the 50-meter freestyle at next month’s U.S. Olympic
swimming trials in Omaha. A 12-time Olympic medalist who won three medals at
the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, Torres has consistently gotten faster with age, relying on a team of medical and fitness experts to help her outwit Father Time.” (from a recent article in the Washington Post)

Why is Dara my idol? She exudes three key elements that I strive for to enhance the balance between a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

  1. Determination. At 45 most women would have retired from amateur
    swimming. In fact, when she was on the Olympic team at 25 years of age she was
    nick-named “Grandma.” Kids today are getting involved in organized sports right
    about the time they learn to walk. Sport science has come so far that young
    kids are doing well beyond what people twice their age could ever dream of
    doing when they were younger. Dara has to work that much harder because her
    older body doesn’t recover as quickly, she has less muscle mass and her heart
    and lungs are just less efficient that someone a lot  younger than her. But she presses on. I love
    her competitive nature and her sheer determination to prove that age is just a
  2. Purpose and Mental Focus. As we all know, to stick to a fitness routine
    and refuse to give into cravings for unhealthy foods it takes mental focus.
    Yes, Dara has all kinds of trainers and sports scientists helping her with this
    and giving her tools to use to enhance her mental focus, and you might argue
    that she has far fewer distractions than the average 45 year-old mom, but it
    still takes her own desire and willingness to stay true to her mission. She has
    purpose. Knowing your purpose gives meaning in life. Knowing your real purpose
    for getting healthy and fit is what helps you stay the course on the most
    challenging and difficult days. Dara is the epitome someone with a clear
    purpose. “You Lord, give perfect peace to
    those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in you.”
    Isiah 26:3
  3. Work Ethic. She understands that there’s no free lunch, that every one of her achievements has been paved by hard work and attention to detail. At 45 she says a day doesn’t go by when her body is not sore. I’d like to install a strong work ethic in my own kids. As a kid growing up I worked very hard in school and at sports and good grades and athletic achievements never came easy. My parents always said that if I was going to earn anything I had to work hard and as high achiever I took that to heart, at times so much so that they were afraid I’d burn out at young age. But I wouldn’t change my advice to anyone at any age who wants to embark on a healthier lifestyle. There are many pills, diets, and surgeries available
    today to make weight loss “easier” and “quicker.” Quick fixes just don’t cut it
    because there is no journey and there is so much to be learned on the journey.
    If you take the short cut you miss out on the ups and downs, the challenges and
    those hard earned success points. Those experiences are what teach us and help
    us make lasting change.

For a great interview with Dara, click on the
link below.

My Accountability Plan to You: Beachbody Ultimate Reset Update:

Today is Day 12 of the 21 day Beachbody Ultimate Reset. Overall I feel great. I am sleeping soundly, waking refreshed and have better mental clarity and focus. The recipes that are provided on the reset are delicious and I know I will continue to make most of them beyond day 21. I still have cravings for things like coffee and sweets now and again, but they are dissipating. Despite the advice not to do so, I did workout 4 times. I know my body pretty well and would not advise this for those who feel like this meal plan is a drastic changed from the way they normally eat. Your body is certainly getting a serious internal workout and for those who are eliminating many things from
their diet that they normally eat their muscles will not be able to handle a
workout too.

I would highly recommend this Reset for anyone who has reached a plateau in weight loss, anyone who is looking for a tasty, healthier way to eat and for anyone who wants a jump start on their weight loss but is not ready for a serious exercise regimen. For more information go to: and click on the “shop”

Weekly Mind, Body, and Spirit Health and Fitness Tip from Tony Horton’s Sister, Kit Horton Caldicott

Spring Cleaning for Your Insides


I am currently doing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and I have an extra bag of Chocolate Shakeology and Tropical Strawberry Shakeology. I will send a bag to the first two people who order Shakeology on an auto ship program.

That’s TWO MONTH’S Shakeology for PRICE OF ONE!! Consider it my Spring Cleaning for your insides gift to you!

Ah, the sun is finally shining today here in the Northeast after 10 straight days of rain. As the seasons change and the days grow warmer, we often have the urge to make positive changes in our lives. I have decided to embark on a “reset” myself. I am on the 4th day of Beachbody Ultimate Reset.  It hasn’t been easy but
in just four days I am more aware of what and why I eat.  I feel lighter, more alert and I’m sleeping more soundly. It’s amazing how great we can feel when we do some simple things and get back to basics. I’m eating whole foods. Not eating food that comes out of a bag, box or bottle. Here is sample of my meals on the first few days:

Breakfast: A healthy helping of oatmeal with blueberries and walnuts and side of yogurt

Lunch: A huge salad with grilled chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, sunflower seeds, toasted nuts, and avocado

Dinner: Corn tortillas with black beans, corn, red onion, awesome spices, guacamole and salsa

Snack: Greek yogurt with berries

Included with this reset are supplements that help re-balance your body’s alkalinity, PH balance and provide a good healthy detox.
Okay, so maybe this might feel a little extreme to you. So, here are some basic
tips for Spring cleaning your pantry and re-stocking it with some staples that
I found make it easy to make great tasting healthy food:

Step One: Purge the bad stuff.

Here is what I recommend get removed from your pantry:

  • Any items more than one year old. (Really?  If you haven’t eaten it over the last year,do you really think you’ll eat it now?)
  • Items that have more than 6 ingredients listed  (this is actually most packaged foods)
  • Items that have ingredients that you can’t pronounce (Can you say: “Cancer?!!”)
  • Something you bought for a recipe months ago and never made the recipe–it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever use it, or make that recipe
  • White flour and white sugar items of all kinds
  • Anything that you can get from the ground or a tree but you chose to buy it in a package. For example: instant mashed potatoes, powders that end up as sauces when you add butter or water. One word on these:Yikes!

Step Two: Add the good stuff.

Staples I keep in my pantry because I can easily add veggies
to them to make a healthy, clean meal:

  • Brown rice (Yeah, I know it takes 50 minutes to
    cook. Make a big batch and use it the next few days and get over it)
  • Quinoa. This cooks super quick and it’s a very
    healthy grain
  • Brown rice or quinoa pasta
  • All natural pasta sauce (remember the ingredient
    rule above and I recommend buying organic and jars with no more than 4 grams of sugar per serving–better yet, make your own)
  • Red potatoes. A good starch that is low on the
    glycemic index
  • Sweet and red onions
  • Fresh ginger, garlic and shallots–great for sauteeing
    in with fresh green veggies like kale
  • Raw nuts like walnuts, pecans, cashews, pine
    nuts. Put these in a frying pan and toast them for a few minutes and add them
    to kale, spinach and salads. Wow, it totally changes the taste of that bland
  • Pure Stevia or agave–instead of table sugar, but remember, it’s still sugar so use in moderation
  • Tamari or Bragg’s Aminos–in place of high salt
    soy sauces
  • Cold pressed organic olive oil–yeah it’s
    expensive but so much better for you and has a better flavor
  • Coconut oil–great with all natural popcorn
    cooked on the stove and great for sautéing
  • Gluten free flour or whole wheat flour for baking
  • Spices I love: Himalayan sea salt, garam marsala, fresh ground black pepper, tumeric, cinnamon, curry powder, garlic, red pepper flakes, cumin–most others I try to buy fresh such as parsley,
    basil, thyme
  • Sun dried tomatoes
  • Canned organic beans: black, canelloni, white,
    pinto (Make sure you rinse them before re-heating)

Step Three: Plan and cook.

This part really isn’t as challenging as most people think.
For example, when I come home starving I make a batch of quinoa and sautee some
fresh veggies in a wok with black beans, coconut oil, cumin and garam
marsala  and voila! In 10 minutes I have a tasty, hearty meal. I also recommend you subscribe to Clean Eating Magazine. This magazine has great lean recipes for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. I look through this when it comes in. Take the recipes I like and choose a 2-3 to make on Sundays. Then, I just eat them throughout the week.

When you eat clean you just feel good. When you feel good
you have a better outlook on life. When you have a better outlook on life you
accomplish more. When you accomplish more….life is good.

Weekly Mind, Body and Spirit Tip from Tony Horton’s Sister, Kit

This week: Taking the
First Step Toward Getting Healthy

Have you ever wanted to try something outside your comfort
zone and been nervous about taking that first step? Maybe it’s because you
think it will make you look stupid, because you don’t want to fail or worse yet,
because someone else said you might fail.

I am amazed at the number of people I speak to on a regular
basis who have got great results from doing P90X and many other Beachbody
programs but who were told by someone that they shouldn’t even bother. They
were told that it will be way too challenging for them or that they probably
wouldn’t make it through the entire program.

Then there are those loved ones who take the opposite
approach. They remind you all too often how bad something is for you every time
you eat it and push you daily to start some form exercise. Their intent is in
the right place but their constant nagging has the effect of making you want to
do the exact opposite of what they advise.

Odds are, if you fall in either of these categories, neither
approach is going to get you to change your life for the better.

The first step toward change is to deciding for yourself that now is the time. I provide
coaching support and motivation to help people stay on track toward their
goals, but lasting change can only come from within. When I’m with Tony Horton
people approach him all the time gushing: “You changed my life!” I’ve heard him
reply with: “No YOU did!” Even he would admit that he just supplied the plan
and the methodology but it takes mental stamina and perseverance to decide to
push play and eat right every day.

If you a ready, or even thinking about taking that first
step, here are a few simple things I would advise to help you get started:

  1. Stopworrying about what other people think. This is first and foremost. The
    decision to get healthy can’t be for your spouse, your kids, or your parents. It’s
    got to be because you want it for YOU! You want to get healthy to BE THERE for
    your spouse or kids but it shouldn’t be about you doing it to please other
    people. I have two teenagers and this is so hard to teach at this age.
    Teenagers are all about what others think and worried about not looking silly
    in front of their peers. God put us on this earth as unique, amazing
    individuals. We all have gifts and although you may not be the fittest person
    on the block you have other unique talents. Write down what those are and if
    you can’t think of any ask someone who loves you. I bet they can name at least
    5. Those are your gifts from God that you bestow on others. Use those to give
    you the confidence to make other changes in your life.
  2. Build on the positive and relinquish the negative. So the first day you pop in the Chest and Back routine from P90X you are already defeated because you can’t keep up with the people in the video. Guess what? If you could, you wouldn’t need it. Even if you can only get through 10 minutes, you made a step in the right
    direction. It’s 10 minutes more work than you ever did before and that is an
    accomplishment. At the end of the day our family will often sit around the
    dinner table and say our “high and low” from the day. When my kids have had
    what they feel is a pretty rough day they struggle to figure out a “high” to
    make mention of. They think it needs to be this big thing. But, it’s often the
    smallest strides forward that end up being our biggest blessings. One small
    change in behavior can have a great impact on your willingness to press on.
  3. Accept that you will have setbacks and move on. When is the last time you tried something for the first time and did it perfectly? We are not robots, we are human beings and for that reason we are hard wired to improve through knowledge and experience. This is where the magic is: the learning process. Every set back we have in life teaches us something about who we are and how we choose to deal with it. Right from day one; accept that you will have bad days—days when you might give into bad food at a party or days when you skip your workout. If you know this going in, then you can say to yourself: tomorrow I will get back on track. My next meal will be super clean and move forward from there.

Finally, take a few minutes to watch this video. The gentleman is the embodiment, in my opinion, of everything I just mentioned. He made a decision to start when others told him he couldn’t, he put this out on Youtube not caring what others may have thought of him early in his journey and moved beyond many setbacks. Enjoy.

My Accountability Plan:

My Results from
Last Week:

Today: Rest

Monday: Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs, 6 am—DONE!

Tuesday: Pure Cardio, 5:15 am—DONE!

Wednesday: Max Interval Plyo, 5:15 am—DONE!

Thursday: Plyometric Cardio Circuit, 5:15 am—DONE!

Friday: Max Interval Sports Training and Insane Abs, 6:00 am—DONE!

Saturday: Hot Yoga, 8:00 am—did not get to class so did P90X Plus Intervals instead.
Should have popped in a yoga DVD!

This week’s Plan:

Today: Chest and Back with Tony here at QVC. Our live show is at 4pm eastern today

Monday: Plyometrics with Tony and then a 6pm eastern QVC show.

Tuesday: Rest

On Wednesday I am starting the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. It is advised not to do any
strenuous exercise—walking or yoga only—during this 21 day reset. The Reset is
designed to give your body an internal workout. It’s important for the nervous
system to remain in a relaxed state and refrain from asking the body to repair
muscle tissue at the same time it’s cleansing and releasing toxins. Wish me
luck, I will be doing my best to follow my OWN advice for the next 21 days. J