Get Off Your D$%N Phone

We’ve just returned from a family vacation. Quality time spent with my husband and three adult children. I should feel happy, rested and rejuvenated, right? To be honest, on the…

Physical Well-Being

Don’t Be Tempted by the Quick Fix

“Flat abs fast.” “Your 20-minute plan to get sexy, slim and summer-ready!” “Blast 300 calories in 20 minutes.” These were the headlines screaming at me as I waited in line…


It’s About MORE than the Before and After Photos

Emotional Well-Being

Willpower and How to Strengthen It

Why can’t I resist the dessert after eating a big meal? How can I go a whole month refraining from refined sugar and then fall off the wagon? I am…


BEST Before and Afters

I asked everyone in my motivation and accountability group to answer this question. Why? Because I’m so proud of what they’ve achieved. So many have been on a positive path toward health and wellness for weeks, months and some…years. To my surprise almost 30 people responded to the question. I’ve provided a sampling of the responses I received.