This Happened Last Week…

Do you know what that tiny pebble is and why I look so excited? All those who have ever experienced kidney stones do. First, a little real history: It’s been…

Physical Well-Being

How It All Began

Just about 12 years and two weeks ago, I “pushed play” for my last day of my first 90 day round of a program called P90X and never wanted to…


It’s About MORE than the Before and After Photos

Emotional Well-Being

Moms, repeat after me…

Today is your day. Today is the one day of the year when you have the opportunity to put yourself first and everyone else second. This might be challenging for many of you because it is not our instinct to do this. We are wired to make sure others come before us. Our hearts are full when those closest to us are happy. Today, of all days, and going forward, I ask you to honor yourself. Repeat after me:


One Man’s Journey to Better Health

This is the exact post that a member of my team posted in our online motivation and support group just last week. If you think you can’t change, read this….