Kit Horton Caldicott


“When we strive for progress instead of seeking perfection, focus on positive choices in moments of truth when living and relating, only then can we make significant strides toward achieving any goal and living a life with purpose.”

My career spans a successful 25 years in helping small and highly influential global companies improve the communication and leadership skills of their employees and managers and helping others improve their physical well-being. I believe everyone can live a life that is happy and fulfilling that results from a balance of clean nutrition, regular exercise, emotional intelligence and positive influences.

I grew up in New England, received a Bachelor of Science from Boston College, married, started a family and began a career in Sales and Marketing. At 39, with three young children, I found that my career was becoming a detriment to my health and family life. My older brother and creator of P90X, Tony Horton encouraged my husband and I to try his new fitness program P90X. Doubtful about getting back into athletic shape but desperate to recoup time and energy, my husband and I decided to give P90X a try. 12 years later and now in my 50s, I have maintained a level of health, wellness and emotional balance I never thought possible.